Great Places to Go Kayaking

Kayaking lets you immerse yourself in the most beautiful rivers, lakes and seas of the world - kayaking is truly the king of water sports - and some of the best kayaking in the world is accessible to all.

For exercise, fresh air, and breathtaking scenery, where every sense is attuned to the sounds and smells around you - there is little that can beat the kayak experience.

Abraham Lincoln and Mao Tse Tung seem unlikely kayakers, but they were trailblazers in what has become a very popular sport. Kayakers divide into the whitewater variety, sea-kayakers, surf kayakers and general recreation kayakers - with many sub-sets below. Kayaks are fitted out to purpose. There are many companies who offer kayak courses and expeditions - though some of the best whitewater kayaking, for example, is found in the more remote regions of the world.

Experts in Kayaking:  Martin Costa,  Eugene Buchanan,  Simon Coward,  Hedley Wilton,  Omer Singer,  Claudia Kerckhoff-Vanwijk,  Tim Cullen,  Zach Collier,  Chris Buykx,  Hamish McMaster

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