Going Places: Great Soft Adventures and Great Journeys

Travel means covering distances and ending up somewhere else.

The best travel still involves a good journey as well as a prized destination at the end of it. Even if there are plotted pathways and your GPS means there is no chance of getting lost, forging out on foot, on horseback, in a boat or on a bike still feels like an adventure, and it’s the closest most of us are going to get to being explorers.

These civilised expeditions are soft adventures. The kind where you have an idea where you’ll be sleeping each night and you’ll not go hungry. The varying degrees of soft adventure allow for some travellers to enjoy soft beds and hot water and others to sleep out under the stars and carry their own drinking water – as tastes require.

You can go it alone but even Indiana Jones uses a guide sometimes, and that’s the best way to adventure softly – let someone who knows where they’re going take the lead while you enjoy the new sights and sounds surrounding you. The best part of travelling really can be the travelling.

Types of Soft Adventures: Cycling, Horse Riding, Cruising, Train Journeys, Road Trips, Sailing, River Trips, Walking

Related categories: Wildlife, Adventure Travel, Soft Adventures, Watersports, Wintersports, Ghosts and Monsters, Learning & Volunteering

Experts in Soft Adventures:  Russ Claridge,  Mike Poole,  BikeBrats,  Jane Ferguson,  Fran Griffith,  Hollie Jones

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