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  • Photo of Santorini
  • Photo of Santorini
  • Photo of Santorini
  • Photo of Santorini
  • Photo of Santorini
  • Photo of Santorini
  • Photo of Santorini
  • Photo of Santorini
Photo of Santorini
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The high cliffs loom up, the white houses start reflecting the sun, and the black volcanic rocks gleam off the water. You have hit Santorini. Known for its amazing sunsets, Santorini is a picturesque circle on the sea. The crescent shape of the island is formed around an active volcano! There are tours from the Santorini harbour that lead explorers on tours of the volcano, climbing up through sweeping winds that almost push you off the trail! After the volcano, there is the opportunity to take a dip in the hot springs supplied by the volcano. According to guides on the island, there are about 70-80 small earthquakes daily around the volcano which keep a huge eruption from happening. Back on the island, it is recommended to take a donkey ride up the 650 steps that lead from the harbour back up to the main city, Fira. On the other side of the island the coast is lined with black sand and red rock beaches. The city of Oia is the most popular place to watch the magnificent sunset fall into the Aegean Sea past the volcano, but anywhere on the island will give vacationers a spectacular view. Along with the blue topped churches and white washed buildings, Santorini also has bars and clubs to keep the night entertaining. Fira is known to have a bit of everything- the nightlife, the spectacular views, and the traditional Greek lodgings. Fira is the main city of the island where the ferries come in, the boats leave to go to the volcano, and cable cars bring guests up and down the cliffs. The best way of seeing the whole of Santorini is to rent a car or ATV from one of the many sellers, and head off into the amazing sunset.

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Written by  Melissa Rubin.

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Comments, reviews and questions by other travellers

Is it hot in early september in Santorini, is there a phone number to call you??

2 Replies

Which company would you like to call? We can recommend some companies to travel to Santorini with if that's the advice you're looking for?

The average temp for the beginning of September is 20 degrees:

Ride the Donkey's up. It's worth it.

is Santorino safe for a woman to visit alone? is the weather good in October and could i swim then ?

What is the weather like in Santorino in October ? is it nicer enough to swim in the sea and is it a safe place for a woman to visit alone?

2 Replies

Have a look at our <a href="">World Weather Guide</a> and click on Greece for the weather conditions.

I've been with a girlfriend, and as two women we had no problems. It's quite a busy place as far as visitors are concerned and we made friends with another group and went for outings with them, so you might do the same.


temperature and weather in october

what temperature in september


Known for its striking, whitewashed, step-like villages and blue domed churches, the islands of Santorini are the highest points of a collapsed volcanic caldera, so form an incomplete circle poking up above the Aegean Sea.

The inside of the caldera is a deep, protected harbour which made Santorini an important historical port. Its rather explosive volcanic history also makes Santorini an interesting place to visit from an archaeological perspective, with several current digs working at uncovering Pompeii-like buried villas, complete with frescos depicting ancient life, and an abundance of ruins to visit.

Santorini also offers what you would hope for from a Greek island holiday: clear, bright blue water, nice beaches, rocky coves, old white towns, deliciously fresh local food and the possibility of water sports.

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