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There are certain hotels around the world which you can comfortably call 'destination hotels'. They are amongst the 'best hotels in the world', and you could base your entire holiday around them - many people do. Sometimes these hotels are in remote areas where there is not much to do but chill out - but the experience of staying there will be more than enough to make your holiday. Other times they may be in major cities - and even if you don't stay, or can't afford to stay (these hotels are usually not cheap!) - then a trip to see them and have tea or dinner or a drink in the bar will be a memorable experience. We're thinking here of the George V and the Crillon in Paris, or the Ritz in London, or a drink on the roof terrace of the Danieli in Venice. (The Danieli, incidentally, is a great place to pop into for a pee - march straight to the back - without your camera visible! - and it's by the elevators).

To make our selection of the best destination hotels in the world, we've consulted our experts at the Hotel Guru, Travel Intelligence and i-escape, and referenced the usual suspects at Conde Nast, Travel+Leisure and the Hideaway Report. These guides provide regular annual round-ups of the best hotels in the world.

So if you want a spectacular hotel-based holiday, see our recommended top hotels in the world!

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