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Beppu and its Hot Springs

Listed under Hot Springs in Ōita, Japan.

  • Photo of Beppu and its Hot Springs
  • Photo of Beppu and its Hot Springs
  • Photo of Beppu and its Hot Springs
  • Photo of Beppu and its Hot Springs
  • Photo of Beppu and its Hot Springs
Photo of Beppu and its Hot Springs
Photo by mikelyvers
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Beppu is Japan's most famous hot spring town. There are countless hot spring resort hotels to choose from, and colorful hot pools and geysers to view at the outdoor geothermal sites. The colors of the geothermal pools (far too hot to bathe in!) are striking and range from blood red to aquamarine. For bathing there is a gigantic indoor hot spring playground with numerous pools and waterslides, all using water from natural hot spring sources.

Written by  Mike Lyvers.

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Beppu (A Hidden Gem)

I went to Oita, and Beppu a few months ago and I had a wonderful time experiencing the hot water baths around the area. I was particularly drawn to the colorful hot springs such as "Hell" the red one, and I enjoyed several others that were off limits because of their intense heat. The hot springs are typically surrounded by beautiful trees, ponds, bonsai shaped bushes, and a collage of various flowers.I would definitely recommend a trip there if you ever visit Kyushu, because it an experience like no other.

Beppu Hot Springs

Beppu has been a hot springs resort since the Edo Period (17th Century), when bathers gathered for medicinal cures and recuperation, and is still one of Japan’s favourite resorts attracting more than a billion visitors annually, now mostly for relaxation. Hot water gushes from eight different geothermal hot spots around the city, each with multiple public baths. Beppu also boasts the largest range of bath types, from the usual hot water baths, to hot sand baths, steam baths and mud baths.

Takegawara is one of the city’s most famous bath houses, now part of the Beppu Hot Springs area, it was built in 1879 and has the original elegant architecture, but with updated facilities inside including sand bathing. Hamawaki is another famous spring resort, one of the first in Beppu, it takes advantage of hot water rising up from under the sand on the beach where it was built.

It’s still common for local people to use the public facilities instead of their own bathrooms but it is considered a common courtesy to have a scrub BEFORE you get into the public baths.

It probably helps Beppu’s popularity that it is built on a narrow bay to take full advantage of views of the ocean in one direction and the mountains in the other, but visitors will find these views obscured by rising pillars of steam from the 2850 springs, some like geysers of steam, called hells and are just for looking at.

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