Great Hot Springs of the World

Hot springs bubble and explode out of the earth in many different guises, from the calmly fizzy pools of Japan to the spurting volcanic geysers of North America. They make the perfect day trip excursion on holiday - fun and reviving at the same time, as well as educational for kids.

Heated by magma deep below the earth’s surface, hot and often sulphurous water bubbles out amongst the rushes, steams from the middle of glaciers, and pours down mountainsides. For us they are a delight - both visually (some are strikingly coloured) and as places to relax into the arms of nature. A soak in a hot spring is vastly superior to anything a jacuzzi can throw at you, physically and medicinally. If you find one near where you are travelling - follow the locals' lead and jump into it. (And if they don't - don't!)

But the best thing about hot springs is that they’re free. Often in the most beautiful surroundingsEcuador’s cloud forests, Yellowstone National Park or tucked away in Japan’s remote mountains.

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