Where to Get Your History Fix

There are beach holidays, get away-from-it-all holidays, activity holidays - and there are times you want to learn stuff. Cultural stuff. The world is stuffed full of history if only we would open our eyes, and it seems a shame to travel thousands of miles, however good the beach, if you miss out on some great historical monument nearby.

We've split this category into Archaeological Sites, Traditional Cultures (whose history is still living), Castles & Palaces, Museums, People (places attached to historically significant men or women - often grave sites), Historic Towns and Villages, and Tombs & Memorials. There is a huge amount here. While you may not plan an entire holiday around any of these historical highlights, many of them are sure to provide you with highlights in your holiday.

Types of History: Archaeological Sites, Traditional Cultures, Castles & Palaces, Museums, Tombs & Memorials, Military History

Related categories: Arts, History, Urban, Festivals, Tourist Attractions, Sacred Places

Experts in History:  Ron Lyons Jr.,  Mike Salter,  Roy Adelwood,  Arnesta Szarkor,  Gerald Foe

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