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Minter Gardens

Listed under Gardens in Chilliwack, Canada.

  • Photo of Minter Gardens
  • Photo of Minter Gardens
  • Photo of Minter Gardens
  • Photo of Minter Gardens
  • Photo of Minter Gardens
  • Photo of Minter Gardens
  • Photo of Minter Gardens
  • Photo of Minter Gardens
Photo of Minter Gardens
Photo by Donna Dawson
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I can see why so many people get married here and have their reception here as well. What could not be more perfect that this setting! A show garden in the truest sense of the word. The new conservatory, the rock water falls, and the gardens themselves...what solace to the tired and weary to come here for the day and what a beautiful place to get married (in the miniature Chapel) or have a party.

Minter Gardens is 25 years old and just gets better with age. Brian Minter and his staff truly love this place and it shows in their care of it.

There are 11 theme gardens within one here, each spaced between quiet or green spaces so you can enjoy each one. Set with the backdrop of mountains and natural landscape it is a true joy to visit.

Open April to October.

Written by  Donna Dawson.

Comments, reviews and questions by other travellers

Italian Plum trees in planters

I have two two-year old italian plum trees in planters.These are on my balcony.

What type of fertilizer should I give them? when should I give it to them.

They did grower very well last summer in the planters. We moved in September and I had to prune them back alot.

I am hoping that they survive.

Thanks for your advice

1 Reply

Hi Bruce - World Reviewer is a travel review site, so we're not really able to offer you any gardening expertise - that said we do have some garden travel experts who might be able to help:

how much would it be for wedding there

just to rent the room for dinner and to walk down the line when i get married

1 Reply

Hi Natasha - you'll have to check with Minter Gardens. Their phone number is (604) 794-7044

Is there anything I can do to save my Fotinia hedge?

re: Fotinia (sp); laurel-like landscaping shrub used in/for hedges (alternating green/bright red leaves)

I have a Fotinia hedge (about 2 dozen plants altogether) along the front property. There are two or three plants right in the middle that appear to be dying back - the rest are quite healthy. Is there anything I can do to restore the dying ones?


1 Reply

Hi Hugh,

Unfortunately none of the WR team know much about plants, but hopefully someone will be able to offer some assistance or advice.

what is this plant

I purchased a plant this spring that had no tag with it and I have no idea what it is. It is very different then any I have seen. I've taken photos to several nurseries including Art Knapps in Nanamio and so far no one has been able to identify it. Is it possible to send you a picture either by email or regular mail to see if you can tell me what I have? Thank you

Do diseased Junipers affect other gardens

I remember listening to your radio broadcast on Junipers. You did say that if you have Junipers around you should remove them as they can disease the rest of your I correct? as I have many around where I live, some of my cedars are going brown in spots and other Junipers around are dying.....hard to convince those around us who do not believe they have a blight. I have a large garden and do not want to loose anything if I do not have to...................

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