Experience the Wonder of a Frozen Landscape

Very few people have experienced the world's towering glaciers. Cathedrals of glass-like ice, charged with mysterious unearthly lights, as you enter one of these frozen landscapes you embark on one of the last true voyages of discovery left on earth. On these bright deserts of tundra and white floating, creaking bergs you can encounter animal colonies no one has seen before - nor they mankind – and see a landscape that alters from hour to hour.

Visit these frozen deserts to experience the breathtaking, magnificent beauty of nature, away from all vestiges of civilization. If you're an adventurous soul you can plan a true adventure amongst the glaciers, climbing, camping and living on the ice, but if you want to see these dwindling wonders in comfort a cruise is your best option. Floating by a vast, painfully slow moving ice flow as it sheds its tail in dramatic explosions in the still cold is an experience of true wonder, and one you may not have too long left to savour.

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Experts in Frozen Landscapes:  Pavel Rejstra,  Elgith Harrpan,  John Noble,  Lonnie Dupre

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