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Ballooning on holiday is an experience you will never forget! Flying high, like diving deep, is to enter a different world, where nature is king - gliding, flying, ballooning and powered gliding - each provides a unique new perspective on the world and our place in it - with varying degrees of drama.

Most of these activities are holiday 'add-ons' - ie great experiences to have while you are on holiday. Ballooning in particular is great in remote parts of the world which might be less accessible by car - especially on safari, where you can glide silently (and unseen) above some incredible wildlife who you would never be able to get close to in a car, with all its noise and visibility.

But equally, if you are a paragliding nut, we've listed some of the best places in the world to practise your craft, plus there are some great balloon festivals around the world, which make for amazing sights.

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