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Peacock Bass in the Amazon

Listed under Fishing in Manaus, Brazil.

Photo of Peacock Bass in the Amazon
Photo by flickr user mohd fahmi
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These are some of the most ferocious fish in fresh water and the ultimate river quarry. They’re bullies = flappers and strikers and they put up an amazing struggle when hooked which has been known to do some serious damage to fishing gear. They’re also big and tropical, like a colourful fish tank monster, Sunkist orange and green when hooked they’ll leap from the water several feet to perform amazing acrobatics. They’re also predators and ambushers, they hide out by the banks waiting to pounce, they’ve evolve with piranhas, alligators and giant catfish, so they need to be tough if they want to get to adult size. That’s why they’re such a good challenge and so much fun.

Peacock Bass are native to the Amazon, which makes fishing for them and even more exotic experience. They’re interested in similar fly fishing bait to Largemouth Bass, bubbling lures, shiners, poppers and streamers. The biggest ones get up to a metre in size, weighing in at about 27 pounds, the smaller sub species only get to around 55cms.

No point going without a local guide, local Peacocks have got their own territories and you need a guide to help you haul them in, it can be a shock to the inexperienced when your rod suddenly hurtles out of your hands or else shatters entirely!

Written by  Kevin Allison.

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