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Fishing, like the results on the end of the hook, comes in many flavours - from sea angling to fly fishing, ice fishing to bass fishing. But fishing holidays can often feel like one-sided affairs - he with the rod, she having to feign enthusiasm. However, there's no reason why families or couples can't enjoy fishing trips together, especially if they choose a travel company who can cater for several levels of fishing skills, including pure novices. If you want to try something new, a fishing trip is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, feel a sense of achievement, as well as develop a skill. Many fishing holidays include sightseeing trips, kayak trips or boat trips than can help make a memorable trip.

For those who catch the bug, the best fishing in the world can provide a unique and uplifting experience. Destinations to consider include the UK, the Caribbean, New Zealand, the United States and Canada, and Argentina. You can also check our fishing specialists.

Fishermen - or more specifically anglers, who fish with a rod, line and bait - are a passionate lot, so be prepared for an all-consuming sport. And let's get one thing straight - fishing is not just about the size of the fish!

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