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Homowo Festival

Listed under Festivals in Accra, Ghana.

  • Photo of Homowo Festival
  • Photo of Homowo Festival
Photo of Homowo Festival
Photo by flickr user [ B.A.M. ]
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This festival remembers a time when the people who celebrate it, the Ga, were migrating to a new territory in modern day Accra and they suffered a severe famine brought on by poor rainfall. When the rains returned to normal over the following seasons the Ga remembered this catastrophe by ‘hollering or jeering at hunger’, which is the literally translation of the word Homowo.

The festival starts in May with the sowing of the crops before the rainy season and ends with the August harvest. During June noise is banned though the state and people migrate to the homes of their fathers. At the beginning of August the first sign of festivities show though with a Yam feast festival and as the Ga who live out of state return to their father’s houses for Homowo the celebration proper kicks off. Festival Thursday is for parades and the fraternising of the young, Friday to remember the people who have died in the preceding year then Saturday it’s all feasting and partying before the Ga new Year on Sunday.

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