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Ever been part of snow sculpting festival? Or cheered on a team of elephants playing in a soccer festival? Or danced in fever on the carnival streets of Rio?

Festivals make a great focus for a holiday with a difference - to catch some local colour and to meet locals at their most relaxed - and in some cases wildest. Of course some of us go on holiday to get away from all this, and don't want to talk to a soul - but if you are a born communicator or party lover and you're a bit bored with what's happening chez vous, plan a holiday to somewhere with a festival.

Whether a celebration of culture, history or religion - or all three - or simply an excuse to go crazy with self expression, the festival will be the highlight of your trip. You could also - depending on how you play your cards - make new friends for life. Even find a lover. Now there's a thought...

The downside, of course, is that they may not remember you in the morning. You'll also need to plan ahead - well ahead - as flights and hotels get booked up way in advance around festivals. Cost-wise, too, you won't find many deals. Still, if you choose the right festival to suit you, you could have the holiday of your life. All you need to leave at home are your valuables - oh, and your inhibitions.

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