Most Extreme and Dramatic Scenery

One of the great rewards of travelling the world is the range of dramatic scenery we can encounter. Mountain ranges that soar and skim the clouds, deserts which shimmer for hundreds of miles, canyons and gorges scaring the earth, and volcanoes which spew gas - these make for some pretty awesome backdrops to any holiday.

If you travel to get away from the monotony of the every day then these extreme environments will take you as far away as you can imagine. We've listed here some of our favourites - from hot springs to frozen landscapes.

Types of Extreme Environments: Volcanoes, Canyons, Deserts, Mountains, Frozen Landscapes, Caves & Caving, Hot Springs

Related categories: Seas and Lakes, Extreme Environments, Parks & Gardens, Natural World

Experts in Extreme Environments:  Rosaly Lopes,  Mike Lyvers,  Harry Kikstra,  Pavel Rejstra

The top 10 Extreme Environments in the world

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