Challenge Yourself: Extreme Travel

Challenge yourself. Test your limits. Extreme challenge activities not only shake off the debris of every-day life, but at their best can push the boundaries of self-knowledge.

These are for people looking for an experience that is not just memorable, challenging or unique but one that at least gets close to the 'edge'. In today's 'experience-junkie' society, with adrenalin thrills readily available in theme parks and elsewhere, these trips and adventures are becoming harder and harder to find.

Many can be done as day activities, add-ons to existing holidays. There are others that are holidays in themselves - if you can call warrior training in Mongolia a 'holiday'! A number of operators offer these extreme adventures. Check our tour operators holiday search for a selection of them.

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Experts in Extreme Challenge:  Simon Coward,  Ben Mason,  Ralph Johnson,  Chris Buykx,  Michael Rutzen,  Steve Romeo

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