Natural Wonders of the World

There is no better way to recharge your batteries than to visit some of the earth’s natural wonders, and to 'get back to nature' in beautiful surroundings. There is something naturally calming about wildlife, whether experienced in a rainforest or in one of the world's great National Parks. You can also immerse yourself further by doing some conservation work and help protect what you see.

We've collected some of the highlights of the natural world, each of which provide an inspirational focus for a holiday, and many true wonders of the world. There are far more ways to experience the 'Great Outdoors' than on foot, on a walking holiday, or on the traditional safari. These days you can cruise in style into the depths of the Amazon, up to the spectacular Three Gorges region of China or even to the Antarctic, or hide out in an eco lodge in the heart of Australia’s Daintree Rainforest. You can meet Borneo's local men of the forest, the orang-utans, or dive with ancient sea turtles off the Galapagos. There is an incredible range of options to help you explore all facets of the natural world. For a list of holiday travel companies than can help you, check HOST, our holiday operators search tool.

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