Conservation & Volunteering

Help conserrve the planet and expand your horizons by taking your holiday with a conservation project. Watching newly hatched turtles scuttle down the beach, counting dolphins off the Kenyan coast, looking after sick or injured orang utans in the forests of Borneo, or monitoring plant and animal distribution in the Amazon are the kinds of things that usually only scientists get the opportunity to do. By volunteering for a conservation project you could have the same kind of life changing experience.

Some projects require you to get your hands dirty or your feet wet, but for those who don't feel like making the commitment, others will allow you to visit for the day. The best thing about these organisations is that you know that any donation or fee they charge will go directly towards the project, so you’re able to directly help the animals or environment you’ve chosen to visit. For some ideas of where to start, check out our list of conservation projects, or see our list of volunteering travel companies.

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