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A coastline is more than just the scenic meeting of land and sea. Great coastlines provide the spur, the stimulus, the destination for a rich and varied holiday. Why? Because the best of them have attracted people over many centuries, so tend to be rich in history, facilities and activities.

The most famous 'original' holiday coastline was the Amalfi Coast, beloved of retired Roman senators, with the added attraction of a grandstand view of that smoking volcano. Today it's been replaced by the French Riviera in the popularity stakes - but only because the Riviera is larger and more accessible. For budget travelers, the Mayan Riviera in Mexico provides a wealth of holiday options, as does the Black Sea coast where the old Soviets used to tan themselves.

Then there are the wild coastlines, for nature lovers and walkers - the Jurassic Coast in the UK, the west coast of the US around Big Sur - and loads of other coastlines that have yet to be developed. The world is rich in coastlines. Our aim is to bring you more of them, beyond the 'usual suspects', to help you plan a holiday with a difference.

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