Caves and Caving

Caving is all about exploration - discovering a mysterious underground landscape of stalactites, lakes and caverns, cool and eerily silent bar the echoes of furtive animals - or ancient humans...

The ‘other worldly’ feel of these underground palaces and the intricate, delicate developing rock formations that ‘grow’ inside them are a fascinating natural phenomenen. Great caves and caverns are like 'geological cathedrals', and the amplified sounds and strange forests of glistening, almost-living rock in the subterranean tunnels can certainly give you a feeling of uneasy reverence. The world below the earth’s surface is one of the few places left where you can explore new paths.

There are two ways to explore caves. The most popular are guided visits lasting a few hours, perfect if you find yourself on holiday in an area rich in caves, such as the Dordogne. Many of these revolve around the history, culture and art of the early humans that inhabited them. The more adventurous way to explore is to actually go caving - rope up and clamber down. If you want to get into this sport - for sport it is - you will need specialist help. There are a number of specialist holiday companies that run caving trips with like-minded caving enthusiasts.

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