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The Grand Canyon

Listed under Canyons in Southwest Desert, United States.

  • Photo of The Grand Canyon
  • Photo of The Grand Canyon
  • Photo of The Grand Canyon
  • Photo of The Grand Canyon
  • Photo of The Grand Canyon
  • Photo of The Grand Canyon
  • Photo of The Grand Canyon
  • Photo of The Grand Canyon
Photo of The Grand Canyon
Photo by flickr user Wolfgang Staudt
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The hardest part for me was the steep ascent back up- the high altitude and steep rock faces made for an adjustment. After 6 hours hiking up the canyon, I made it out. Hiking the Grand Canyon was one of the major life goals and I'd done it. Once over the top, all the pain in my legs, the tiredness, and the heat disappeared to give way to sheer joy. I had mastered the canyon. I had done what few do. I was satisfied. I felt like Rocky after he climbed those stairs.

Written by  Matthew Kepnes.

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“Grand Canyon National Park”

'Carved out by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon (nearly 1,500 m deep) is the most spectacular gorge in the world. Located in the state of Arizona, it cuts across the Grand Canyon National Park. Its horizontal strata retrace the geological history of… Read more...

Written by press. UNESCO

“Over the Edge - The Grand Canyon Skywalk”

By Cindy Loose for the Washington Post First Published Sunday, July 1, 2007 A bird flies beneath my feet, gliding under the clear glass floor of a horseshoe-shaped structure that juts 70 feet from the rim of the Grand Canyon. The canyon floor is more … Read more...

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Comments, reviews and questions by other travellers

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My home

Arizona my home state. Your timeless beauty, your beautiful desert scenes, your desert sunrises and sunsets. How could I forget your beautiful Northern Arizona weather and trees and how I walked your gorgeous trails and camped out. Oh Arizona you are my home. How can I not forget your true splendor? We love you Arizona

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You're a poet - you just don't know it...

Grand Canyon

In 1969 on a trip to California, we went through AZ and stopped at the Grand Canyon. There is no way to describe it, the best descriptions fail.

Pictures do not do it justice, they only show a tiny part of the Canyon. They could put a professional photographer every 50 feet along the rim, capturing pictures all day. They would have different pictures, with different lighting and all be interesting.

Even a flight through the Canyon by both helicopter and airplane only gives you an idea of its size or grandeur. We have flown through the canyon four times, landing on the Reservation for dinner once. Going down the Colorado on a Raft, in our opinion is one of the best ways of seeing the Real Grand Canyon. A combination of all ways plus a trek down into the canyon on foot, helps.

But, even then, we have not seen it all. For every year since, I've been returning to the canyon about four times a year, in all seasons. Each trip, we see something we have never seen before. Even the same views look different each season.

If possible, come after it rains, after the ground has been saturated by water, before it dries out. At that time the colors are most brilliant, fresh, amazing. Now, we finally moved to Arizona, so we can visit the Grand Canyon more frequently.

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Thanks for your powerful recommendation. I'm visiting the US next month on a driving holiday and I'll now make sure I spend at least a week in the area to try and capture just a little bit of the beauty.

Spectacular, beyond what any photo can portray.

But if you are handicapped be sure to get the handicap pass, then be prepared for long walks to most view points and to buildings, including rest rooms. Bring wheel chair and someone to push if you can. They also need to be in good health because there are hills, even though paved.

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Thanks for adding that. It's not always easy to get information about accessibility.

What a Wonder of 'Mother Nature"!!!

Truly--this has to be the world's greatest wonder. Mother Earth created this GRAND CANYON through out time and is still evolving today. I have been there three times in my life and intend to keep on going back because EACH time I go I learn more about our friend Mother Earth...GAB

Life Evoking

When I visit the Grand Canyon it feels like I've come home. We've flown over it, we've hiked down into it and we took the mule trip down to the bottom and spent the night at Phantom Ranch. All of these experiences were totally awesome. Also, spent time on the north rim. That campground is totally primitive and at night all you see is the stars and all you hear is nature. People who camp there seem to have a quiet respect for nature. You must see it!!

The Undoubted Best Wonder in America

I loved this place. It was not only good or was awesome. I'm not overly religious, but I sang "How Great Thou Art" the whole day. If you don't know the song, look up the lyrics.

This is a spiritual experience

You can not look at the beauty of the Grand Canyon and not be moved. It is the most emotional and wonderful place in the world, carved by the hand of a higher being... whatever your belief system, this is a must see.


This is a NATURAL wonder,and NOT made by man!

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It's great when you think about the wonders of the world not having to be man made!

Worked there

I worked there for 3 years. The canyon cannot compare to any other place on earth. This truly one of the most glorious wonders of God!

The Grand Canyon was the most amazing place I have visited. I found the whole experience so breath taking and emotional. The memory of seeing it for the first time will stay with me forever. Can't wait to go back.

70 & 75

Hiked down the canyon back in 1970 and again in '75. Camped by phantom ranch (in a tent). Absolutely one of the greatest experiences of my life. You HAVE to experience the canyon to understands it's awe and beauty. Do your soul a favor and just go!

Planning a trip to Grand Canyon. Difference between North rim vs. South rim and need info on hotels

Should I stay on North Rim? What about hotels?


You stand on the rim, your breath caught for a moment, your lips only forming the words that are describing what your eyes are seeing, your voice still trying to catch up.

You breathe.

You whisper, "Amazing".

I "think" I added some photos. We went in the winter so our photos are a little different. Man, it was COLD!!!

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Great! I'll keep an eye out for them!

When it first came into view...I was overwhelmed with it's breathtaking beauty!!

In July 2009 we got to see it during the day & then came back to watch the sunset. Michael took hundreds of pics. Word's can't give justice to it's beauty.

It is something that everyone should see in their lifetime. We have one of the world's greatest wonders that many come from all over the world to see. We met some folks from Ireland when we were there.

It was the most beautiful place that I have ever seen in my life.

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Would Michael like to share some of his photos on World Reviewer? We'd love to see them and add them to our collection of Grand Canyon pics.

I had my first visit to the Canyon last summer. I only had 1 day there. I felt like I could fly right off of the Rim like the California Condor when I first saw the Grand Canyon. Exhilarating,enchanting, and incredible! So, my husband and I are going back this June for the Star Gazing Party, staying in the park so we can see the sunrise, sunset and stars. The Canyon changes colors in every light. Simply the most spiritual place I've ever been to.

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What happens at the star gazing party? Is it at a particular time of year, or is there a particular astrological event happening? Sounds very interesting and I would like to know more please.

Breathtaking natural beauty!

I visited the Grand Canyon when I was ii years old and recently returned after 47 years. I was amazed about how much I remembered about the grand canyon. There have been very few changes after all of those years and I truly felt like i was returning home. We are all so fortunate to have such natural beauty in the usa. I would recommend that everyone visit our national parks every chance you have. We visited other national parks while we were on our road trip , Yosemite, Death valley, the painted desert, the petrified forest, etc. they are all magnificent and well worth the trip. Your children will thank you.

What is the weather like in June at the Grand Canyon?

I would like to know what to expect the temperature to be (in Farenheit) at the beginning of June. I'm sure the temp. varies, but could you also tell me what it is around that area temperature wise as well.

3 Replies

Have a look at our World Weather Map for an idea of the average temperature and rainfall throughout the year.

We took a road trip last June to the grand canyon, yosemite and several other sites. We had the most beautiful weather that you could ask for. The skies are bluer than you can imagine. The temperature was in the 80's, but the humidity is very low and it doesn't seem that warm. We may have just been lucky, and hope that the weather is great for your trip.

The temp can be in the low 60-s to low 70's depend on when in June. Many people think that since it's in Arizona that its going to be warm but they forget that the canyon is in the northern mountainous region of the state. It does get a little warmer as you further into the canyon.

After reading all of the previous comments just How many More testimonials Do You Need to Just Pull the Trigger and GO. Do it! It will be the Most Amazing Vacation you'll ever take. Prepare for the journey--study up everything you can--stop at the forest service office in Fredonia and get Backcountry Maps on the way--get in shape, no really, get in shape so you can enjoy it to the max. Just Do It! You won't regret a thing.:)

My Favorite Place On Earth !!!

Lived and worked here 1973 to 1976 and in 2008 for 3 months, no place on earth seams more like home! They say you can never go home, I don't agree... This place never changes in my view. Stepping back in time and loving it...

if you rode a donkey down into the grand canyon how far would it take you?

i tried searching it on google but it actually didn't help me at all

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I think you can ride them all the way to the bottom and along the floor.

Not donkeys--mules. You can ride from the South Rim down to Phantom Ranch at the bottom or to Plateau Point 2/3 of the way down.

From the North Rim (Mid May thru Mid Oct) you can ride down to the Supai Tunnel only. From South Rim you can go all of the way to Phantom Ranch at the very bottom of the canyon.

I camped at Horseshoe Mesa (and in the surrounding area)

and my party had the place to ourselves.

Didn't see any other hikers the whole time.

Because of the heat, we started hiking at dawn, and rested during the afternoon.

Travel time

How long does it take to drive from south rim to skywalk on the west rim? Thx.

It's better north rim than south..few people and wonderful's like a dream


Your reply suggested I add some photos. How do I do that?

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When you're logged in and on the page you'd like to add images to there's a button along the very bottom frame of the screen that says 'Add a Photo', click on that and it should be as easy as adding an image to an email.

I first visited the Grand Canyon in 1976. Then returned 3 more times in 1996 and 1997. I got to see views from near Grand Canyon Lodge, Marble Canyon, the Toroweap Overlook, and Twin Point. I've got some wonderful pictures and absolutely fabulous memories.

3 Replies

Feel free to add any of your great photos to our collection so we can all be inspired by them!

I just posted the Navajo Brigde pictures. The first one taken in 1976 on slide film for a Kodak Instamatic, the second taken in 1997 with a Samsung. I will need to resize the other pictures and will upload them soon.

Thanks! I'll take a look.

Grand Canyon National Park

I've been to the grand canyon several times, and I am truly in awe of it. Pictures barely do it justice, you really need to be there to experience the sights, sounds and spiritual qualities of the place.

Having been to both the north and south rims, I must admit the north rim is truly special. Definitely a must see if you are anywhere near northern Arizona.

The Grand Canyon 2007

I loved the Grand Canyon. What an incredible, majestic place. I went on the 45 minute helicopter trip. It was breathe taking and well worth it.

Dusk was amazing the sky was just wonderful. Got some great photos.

Would love to go again.

I have wanted to see the Grand Canyon as it's beauty and sheer magnitude has always fascinated me. My friend and I booked a trip (we live in England) to celebrate my 40th birthday and visited in feb 2007.

It didn't disappoint ! I didn't expect the Canyon to be as emotional as it was breathtaking, truly an awesome sight. The colours are amazing and the landscape looked like a giant watercolour which changes with the light. We enjoyed a helicopter flight down into the Canyon which was totally awe inspiring

I am planning on taking my kids sometime in the future. An unforgettable experience which has left me with cherished memories.

If there's one place to visit in California, then it's the Grand Canyon. Go at dawn and sunset, and watch the colours meld and change.

Stay in a lodge on the edge of the Canyon, and marvel at the beauty.

Not to be missed!

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it's in Arizona, not California

All the pictures, even the movies, don't do justice to the GRANDness of the Grand Canyon! I'm going back--thet's all I want for my 40th birthday is to hike to the bottom.

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you might want to check this out

I lived here!

I lived on the South Rim of the Canyon for 2 years ~ It is my spiritual home! I think it is the most amazing place on the planet!

You've gotta see the Grand Canyon at least once in your life.

And go down into it. Standing on the rim, with nothing seeming to move, it looks like you're just looking at a painting. There's definitely nothing wrong with that, because it's beautiful, especially at sunrise. But start down one of the paths, probably Bright Angel, and you'll find that the Canyon comes to life. Dress properly, bring plenty of water. That's the main thing. Remember it takes twice as long to come back up as it did to get down, so consider that when you decide how far down you want to go.

3 Replies

Do you know which of the paths is the quietest? Or most dramatic. I'd rather walk on my own but I know there are always going to be a lot of people at the Grand Canyon.


The North Rim trails are less frequently used by visitors- still there are lots of people there but not as many as on the South Rim.

Thanks very much for your help. I know it's not the place to come to escape the crowds but the quieter the trail the better.

We went to the Grand Canyon in September 2007...Flew to the canyon...Helicopter to the floor and then the boat trip...Really was something special and we loved it, also went on the Sky Walk...Fantastic, pity you can't take camera's on for pic's of the views!


Went around the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle last September and loved the Sky Walk,South Rim and North rim. Unforgettable!

I lived and worked at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon for 11 years. The Grand Canyon is a place of great peace and persective. Sit on the edge, clear your mind and allow the serenity and beauty to wash through your soul. My husband and I were married on the edge on a beautiful March morning. I hiked to the bottom and back which I consider to be one of my greatest accomplishments. Everyday I enjoyed beautiful skies, clean crisp air, breathtaking sunsets . . .I doubt I will ever live anywhere that I loved more than my time at the Grand Canyon. Fabulous place. You simply must go there.

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That's a fantastic story. I'll bet the photos are amazing!

Visiting the Grand Canyon when I was in my teen years made me realize how really small I am in such a big world and made me think a lot more about things in general. It is a spiritual place no matter what your beliefs are.

There are no words to describe it and it means something different to everyone. I would encourage anyone who has not been to get going on that road trip now.

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I have been to the Grand Canyon several times, and you are quite right. It does make you feel small in the scheme of things. It is truly awe inspiring. I think I liked the North Rim better because there weren't as many people there. It is truly beautiful.

My parents & I lived in Williams, Az for 9 1/2 yrs. We went to the Grand Canyon everytime the relatives came to visit. It was the most beautiful place that I visited as a child growing up. Everytime that we went there was always something new to see. I also hiked to the bottom w/ a few girls from a church group.We have since moved from Arizona, but I have always wanted to go back & see the Grand Canyon as an adult. I have videos, but it isn't the same as seeing it in person.

Life long goal...

I have been to both rims. I went to the north rim August 2008 and the south rim September 1998.

The 1998 trip was memorable for two reasons. One, I fulfilled a lifelong goal (don't laugh) but I spit over the edge of the Grand Canyon! Two, I was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. It was a feeder bolt so I was not harmed, just shocked, in more ways than one.

Both rims are beautiful and different. I think I liked the North Rim best and I am glad I got to experience both. I want to go back with my family.

The Grand Canyon should be a #1 destination!

We visited the Canyon a few years back. It has to be one of the few times in my entire life that the expression "takes your breath away" truly fits. Sounds so corny but it's so true. A person needs to partake in either sunrise or sunset. So gorgeous.

1 Reply

Your right Laurie, it really does take your breath away when you first see it!

I have visited the Grand Canyon twice, both times with my mother. On the second visit, it was the day of her 80th birthday. She plucked up the courage that day to go in a helicopter and to fly over part of the Canyon. It was absolutely amazing. It is very hard to describe just how that felt. I got such a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes at the amazing view below us and in front of us. The Colorado River, as wide as it is, looked pencil thin! An amazing experience.

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That's an amazing story. I hope I'm able to mark my 80th with an experience so adventurous. I'll bet she never expected to do anything like that in her lifetime.

I've been there two years ago .... just amazing. Probably the best "souvenir" of all of my trips

The Grand Canyon

Attracting around five million visitors a year, the world's most famous, and some say most scenic, canyon, the Grand Canyon has been carved into Arizona's dry landscape over millions of years by the Colorado River.

At its deepest point the Grand Canyon is one and a half kilometres deep and reveals the changing face of the Colorado plateau in its horizontal sedimentary stripes.

Rafting and hiking are the best ways to explore the Grand Canyon or you can walk or ride a donkey down to the bottom. There are also several camp sites in the Grand Canyon area.

Temperatures in the canyon vary between 40 and 17 degrees Celsius and there have been many deaths due to heat exhaustion and dehydration, as well as several over zealous photographers who have fallen in.

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