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Seen from above, canyons are great gashes in the earth, but walk down into a canyon and you'll discover a cool, hidden world, often silent and still - or resounding with the crash of water. You'll find animal life that is totally unexpected, and magnificent coloured cliffs - nature at its most beguiling.

Canyons or gorges are one of nature’s natural wonders. Whether admired from a height or scaled from the depths of the valley, the sheer size of these imposing natural structures can be awe-inspiring.

Carved out over eons by rivers and glacial retreats, they mark the landscape with plummeting cliff walls, dramatic peaks and narrow plateaus. The deepest canyons occur in arid areas, where weathering has a much harsher effect, and the most striking occur when the weather resistant hard rock that make up the canyons walls is colourful sandstone or granite - as in many of the canyons in America’s south west.

Canyons make for an exciting landscape and have a strong attraction for photographers and those who appreciate extreme environments. If you find yourself near a canyon or deep gorge on holiday, make a detour - you'll seldom be disappointed.

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