The Best Camping in the World

Camping is the ultimate in credit crunch travel alternatives, but you may find that many of the options available have changed out of all recognition since the last time you camped in 1955 - or perhaps 1985. For a start, there are some amazing new 'boutique' and experiential camping options available - such as tipi in Cornwall - as well as some retro caravanning in the midst of spectacular scenery. (Yes, we have included a few caravanning options too). For this list of the best camping in the world, we have also gathered up a whole range of tented camps in Africa - not strictly 'camping' in the DIY sense which we may be used to, but really magical experiences, in more or less luxurious conditions. Most of these, however, need booking via a safari operator as part of a safari, and many are only accessible by plane, with their own dirt strips.

Credit crunch or no credit crunch, camping as a holiday choice is being considered by more and more people. It's a fantastic way to get right into the middle of an often stunning landscape, and to feel part of the region you are travelling to. You also get right into the food culture of the region, with visits to markets to source food for the camp fire. For a bit more comfort, a caravan or winnebago is a great way to travel.

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