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Apples and Pears Retreat

Listed under Boot Camps in West Country, United Kingdom.

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  • Photo of Apples and Pears Retreat
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  • Photo of Apples and Pears Retreat
  • Photo of Apples and Pears Retreat
  • Photo of Apples and Pears Retreat
Photo of Apples and Pears Retreat
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Apples & Pears Retreat is one of England's top camps because it occupies a rarely taken spot in the boot camp market: it's always and only a mixed M/F venue; it's great value for money; and with capacity for only 14 'retreaters' at a time - one third below the national average of 20 per camp - it can afford you that more individual private attention. Duly, Apples & Pears is the only camp to include two 1:1 PT sessions, to dispense almost unheard-of celebratory champagne on the last night, to offer a slick CD of stills & movie, personalised to each guest - all of whom are invited into Katie's home at Xmas for the A&P Annual Christmas Party. Shunning the tacky path of roping in minor celebs for publicity , hardly ever in the media or bothering to advertise much, Apples & Pears, amazingly, has grown a successful business by sheer word of mouth. Trouble is the secret's out now, so if you like what you read, secure your place well ahead of time.

A&P's C18th Farmhouse is its greatest asset. You feel as if you are in someone's house, not an institution, as it rambles all comfy and homely, over three floors and a garden complete with a pool, sauna & jacuzzi complex - which they certainly make the most of. And I can tell you from experience - there's no better way to start the morning of a winter camp than loosening up your tired limbs and muscles in a warm swimming pool at a civilised hour. Certainly beats racing out the back door at 6am into freezing-cold darkness to join a military line-up and be shouted at. On summer camps, too, most mornings start in the pool.

Nestling peacefully in the heart of Thomas Hardy country, Apples & Pears Retreat is also right by the beaches and downs of Dorset's Unesco World Heritage Jurassic Coast. Only three boot camps in England offer coastal treks here, which is a pity, because these stunning, memorable and uplifting hikes are amongst the nation's finest.( And that, by the way, from a guy who's allergic to walking and would prefer to take a taxi to the bathroom if he could).

More than any other boot camp manager I've met, Katie Duncan is out there in the thick of it with you nearly all the time. Consequently, she knows the mood of the group. No chance here of that alienation which can occur when trainers and guests feel that the people issuing orders from the office are completely out of touch. Principal trainer, Duncan Godfrey, is up there with the very best: an ex-Harlequins, ex-Royal Marine Commando alpha male, with a gentle manner and looks the ladies like, who somehow gets you going that extra distance because you don't want to let him down.

Days are structured sensibly, with built-in time-off to recuperate your energy. There are too many camps that don't do this, just rushing you from one thing into the next. What's more, I suspect you'll lose more weight here than elsewhere because they're continually working on your body. Abseiling, for example, might be adventurous and character-building but it's not shifting any pounds, is it? As a result, I lost 11lbs. and 2" off my waist in only six days.

In common with most boot camps, the holistic aspect is not as strong as the physicalside, but it still does a worthwhile job. The food is very good, with imaginative variety in the snacks and unusual things like sparkling mineral water or venison appearing at the dining table. In fact, it's hard to find any significant criticisms of Apples & Pears Retreat - particularly when it has an ace up its sleeve with some of the best value-for-money prices in the country.

  • Accommodation: Charming C18th Farmhouse, spacious & homely, with irresistible pool/ sauna/ jacuzzi complex. Feels like a country house hotel.
  • Capacity: 18. Mixed M/F (Av: 85%F;15%M).
  • Duration: 7 nts. ( 4pm Friday - Friday 10am).
  • Cost: £1295(sgle e/s)/£1195 (sgle); £975 (twin e/s)/£945 (twin); £1045 (triple e/s)/ £845 (triple).
  • Price includes: All food, lodging & activities which typically include: gym-style work-outs plus hiking , boxing, cycling, yoga, pilates, aerobics & hypoxic training in the pool, 1:1 PT, team games, an assault course, 5 seminars on Nutrition & Life-Coaching & a personal CD of your week.
  • Evening Events: Nightly, on subjects like Healthy Cooking etc. etc., plus there's always the TV room & the pool/ sauna
  • Optional extra: Massage/ £25 half, £45 full.


  • LOCATION: * * * *
  • ACCOMMODATION: * * * *
  • STAFF & ACTIVITIES: * * * *
  • FOOD: * * * *
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: * * * * *

Apples and Pears website.

Written by  Graeme Harwood.

Comments, reviews and questions by other travellers

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Fun, relaxing, and oh so good for you!

Just came back from a fantastic week in the Cotswolds. The accommodation was quite luxurious and the location in a small Cotswolds village idyllic. Even the weather was mostly good! But the real highlight are the A&P team, who are fun, motivating, and very caring. Really enjoyed meeting the fellow guests as well, and we all challenged and supported each other throughout the week. I feel relaxed, fit, and almost 6 lbs lighter!

Dream came true!!!!

10lb's lighter, I feel like I have achieved my goal at A&P. It felt like a holiday thanks to a very supportive and friendly team (Katie, Gary & Woody). They even made the hardest exercise feel like fun. Waterpolo was a highlight - played for the first time in my life & enjoyed enormously. Also, the cycling - well organised and beautiful location. Meals delicious! Thanks to everybody.

Amazing week really motivational

I researched online and chose Apples & Pears because it is non-military & because of the the testimonials & reviews. Some of the highlights for me included swimming, team games, kettlebells, extra PT sessions and achieving the hill walks. The week has been great. Really found the different levels of challenge a brilliant way to push myself. The team are amazing and atmosphere within the group really motivational. At the end of the week I feel that I have improved my fitness in what would have taken me months to do on my own. Weight lost in one week: 9-lbs.

Fantastic Fitness Retreat!

I recently did 10 days at an Apples & Pears Fitness Retreat. I lost half a stone of the one stone I need to lose to get back to my ideal weight. I feel so fit and alive and so happy about the whole experience. I have learned to cut portion sizes, I have learned to train hard and I feel amazing. I am now thinking about doing another one to get rid of my last half stone!

A life experience not to be missed!

Having literally hit the ground running after my relaxing train journey from Leamington Spa to Newton Abbot I was in complete body shock, mentally and physically! I would describe my experience as life changing, physically hard but rewarding, requiring a positive mental attitude at all times in beautiful surroundings some lovely people and a team of true professionals. Good value for money and a fab starting block to get you back on the straight and narrow. I quite fancy Dubai next!!

best 4 days break in a long time!

I must confess at the beginning I was a bit skeptic in this whole Boot Camp thing. After months of thinking about it and seeing different options I decided to sign up for the 4 days retreat with Apple & Pears, not really the cheapest one but let me tell you worth every penny! …. the only thing I regret is booking only 4 days and not the full week! The accommodation are just superb and food both delicious and healthy.

From day one Katie answered all my queries and made sure as a newbie I was ready and up to speed to tackle this experience. Their trainers Woody and Gary did an excellent job in term of carrying out fun and challenging work out programme. Furthermore, the treatments offered by Heather (Massage Therapist) were just phenomenal!

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone!

12lbs weight loss

I signed up for the 11 day retreat in a moment of madness and spent the next two weeks worrying that I would not be able to do any of the exercises, that I would be the slowest and that everyone else would be slim and fit. But I had the best time of my life. Yes I was the slowest but everyone, the staff and other guests were all really wonderful. I leant so much about exercise, portion control and most of all, about myself. Everyone was very friendly and supportive and it was this support and encouragement that I got every step of the way, that helped me to do my best and to push myself one step further. I can't thank Katie, Gary and Woody enough for all their help and support. The food was delicious and massages were lovely.

Idea for holidays

I was searching for something new to have my holidays when found this camp. And it was my best decision ever to go there! A lot of fun, challenges, mutual help, family atmosphere, improving yourself at the same time. This is not about loosing weight only, you feel great both - physically and emotionally, you start to realize that you already have all tools to live good, to eat healthy, to worry only about important things. Katie's team is really great, they give you the key to understand this very easily without pressure, in natural way. I'd love to come there again and recommend all my friends.

Second to none - Just go!!

Katie and the team are professional, friendly & highly skilled. The trainers manage to stick to a no-compromise fitness regime, while being sensitive to every individual, and adapting activities to suit all levels of fitness and ability. The food is excellent. We all wanted to take the cook home! If you are serious about investing in your health & well being, apples & pears is the place that will help you to achieve your goals. I lost 8lbs in one week. I can't praise this bootcamp highly enough.

Fitness & Weight loss boot camp

I booked Apples & Pears after reading good reviews and the nice friendly feel to the website. Blood, sweat and tears but a lot of fun. Sore achy muscles but a great way to kick start a more healthy regime. Fantastic team of staff. Katie is amazing, the trainers great fun, really encouraging you never felt pushed to exhaustion but wanted to try your best, fab chef, great foos and the treatments at the end of a day were a real treat. Great organisation even in difficult weather conditions and the ability to cope with different circumstances and fitness levels. Stop thinking about it and sign up today! I lost 9 lbs. My one bit of advice would be do some training before you go, the fitter you are the more you will get out of it.

perfect to destress, lose weight and get fit

It was great fun and not just good for weight loss and fitness, but also to de-stress and break bad eating and drinking habits. Also, educational in terms of nutrition and portion size and good habits to take home, assisted by recipes on the website. Highlights for me were the group camaraderie; the good mix of exercise classes; the excellent food and the quality of staff. I lost 10lbs in 6 days.

Weight loss retreat, oh yes!

It was a triumph of organisation, determination and motivation.Lovely,lovely,lovely staff with great personalities, skills and characteristics.

Thanks.Weight loss 5kgs


The best work-out experience with fun and amazing results

A third time retreater, I highly recommend Apples & Pears. Katie, Gary & Woody devise different great activities every day to keep you moving whilst having fun. Other retreaters and the staff provide all the enthusiasm, motivation and support to help you give your best all the time. From swimming to boxing, through to circuits and team games, you exercise for 6 to 7 hours a day without ever getting bored or feeling like you’re exercising at all. If the day's programme can seem intimidating at times, you'll be amazed about how much you've actually achieved at the end of the day. Your energy level is well maintained through healthy and tasty meals and snacks whilst massages will provide much appreciated muscle relaxation. The biggest satisfaction comes at the end of the retreat with the final weigh-in. I lost 6.5kgs!

Kickstarted my fitness and healthy eating.

I found Apples & Pears on the internet. It came highly recommended and I liked the look of it - I didn't like the ones with 'boot camp' written all over them. Apples & Pears looked personal and friendly and I'm so pleased I came. I lost 8 pounds in 4-days but I wish I had booked for longer. Walking outside in the sunshine was fabulous. The location is superb, hidden in the Devon countryside, the food is delicious and the exercise regime is just what I needed to kickstart my fitness. Thank you. The staff are professional and encouraging. Loved it!

Many thanks Penny


I booked for 11 days after attending a previous retreat 2 years before and losing 10 lbs. Everyone is so supportive. Staff and trainers are excellent and encourage everyone to push themselves without bullying tactics but with a sense of humour. 2 days into this retreat 11 days seemed a long time, however after 7 days, which I have done before, I felt the weight loss and now that I have completed it, I am so glad and proud of my achievement and would definitely do it again. Would recommend to anyone who needs a confidence boost or likes to challenge themselves. It's fab and I lost a stone!

fantastic results -fun and eductional

On a google search looking for weight loss, Apples & Pears appeared best because of its exercise programme, accommodation and nutritious meals. Also, return clients. Swimming techniques learnt and recognisable improvements to stamina were a highlight as well as massages for sore muscles. The week has delivered on all my goals and the other boot campers here were great. The Apples & Pears staff are fantastic, nothing was too much trouble - Woody and Gary were great at keeping up my spirits when I was tired and felt I couldn't give much effort. Fantastic - if anyone is thinking of a weight-loss break, or to improve stamina, this is the place. Thanks so much guys.

What an incredible experience!!

What an incredible experience!! Apples & Pears retreat will push you to your limits… and beyond. You will achieve mind-blowing results. My fitness level after one retreat has increased tenfold and I am ready to conquer the world… and in a slightly smaller pair of jeans too - what more can you ask for? Thank you for helping me to feel so empowered, fit, healthy and lean!

Life Changing!

I would fully recommend Apples and Pears to anyone. I lost 13 pounds in just one week and would happily recommend A&P as a great way to lose weight and improve fitness. I have loved meeting new people and the instructors were amazing and a great laugh. The food was fantastic and Katie is simply amazing!

Not your usual boot camp

Just been on the latest A&P fitness retreat. The highlights for me were the people and how everyone really looked out for each other. Loved the boxing and learning new things - hypoxics, front crawl, basketball, assault course, etc. Loved the yoga - fabulous start to the day. The treatments were also outstanding.

This retreat has built my fitness, stamina, but most of all my self-confidence and given me a huge sense of achievement. Thank you so much.

Fab time as usual at Apples and Pears

This is my fourth retreat and this time I chose to go to Northampton for a change, and I loved it. The pool sessions with Katie were amazing and I really feel my technique and fitness in the pool has improved. I came here for weight loss but also to have a week for me and I feel so refreshed and rested again. Woody and Gary are amazing trainers - motivating, encouraging, funny, and always make you feel welcome. Sally's food is so lovely - there is a good variety and I enjoyed every meal. Heather gave me the best massages I have ever had, especially the lava shell. Georgia was a breath of fresh air, always smiling, helpful and always wanting to talk. I think she is a great asset to A&P as is all the staff that really make the week special. Never change the award night, I think this really makes the week. As always, Katie has done such a good job arranging and making this week work for everyone. And I have had a fab time. The team are a great inspiration.

Carly Weller


I absolutely loved it. Got pushed to my limits (but in a good way). It's my 4th time back and I've lost loads of weight every time. The staff are great, the food is superb, and everyone is so nice that you want to work harder just to make them happy.

Perfect -

A&P is like a sanctuary for me - an escape from the grind of daily life. I come away feeling re-energised, happier and fitter!

Perfect -

A&P is like a sanctuary for me - an escape from the grind of daily life. I come away feeling re-energised, happier and fitter!

Ive been back to apples and pears 3 times and can honestly say each visit has been fantastic. Each time has taught me more about motivation, nutrition, exercise and diet.The comments above are spot on! Ive been to more military style camps endorsed by ' celebrities ' and to be honest they are not a patch on apples and pears. The genuine interest in you and support from the team and also your fellow campers is amazing! Some people may be sceptical of a retreat that has so many repeat visitors - its not because we dont learn and achieve enough on one trip, its because its so energising, challenging and fun! Plus the results are so inspiring both on a weight loss perspective but also the personal challenges you overcome.

Ive purposely waited a few months before posting my feedback - to see if the enthusiasm and motivation has continued when back at home, work, with all the excuses! And it has! That to me is the real proof that this retreat is the best out there! The support via e mails and the website are so valuable and make you feel supported and part of a team, rather than just a visitor for a week.

I cannot recommend katie and her team highly enough - thank you!

Sign up - you will not regret it

Like the other participants who have posted comments here I have nothing but praise for A&P. If like me you are feeling nervous about the idea of a fitness retreat then this is without doubt the place for you. Katie and her exceptional team will look after you from the moment you arrive. Whether you are signing up to lose weight or improve your fitness you will receive nothing but encouragement, support and goodwill from these great people. There is also plenty of good humour to get you through what can be a challenging week. And while I lost 13lbs (still amazed at that!) that was secondary to the change in mindset I got from the retreat. I came away with a new appreciation of exercise and its benefits and of the importance of giving your body the food it needs. I also saw how it is only really myself who places limits on what I can do. The way the retreat is run is a real credit to Katie and the people she has around her. I am really grateful that I signed up. Thank you so much Katie and the A&P team. Karen

I lost 11lbs

I lost 11lbs, 4" inches off my hips and 3" inches off my waist. I would highly recommend Apples & Pears the team are very supportive and great fun. This is a top quality boot camp company.

I plan to take part the 1 day Boot camp and Hyde Park in Sept 2013.

Great way to get into some good habits again

Caroline - lost 9lb's

I didn't want a military-style bootcamp, but an active holiday. I chose A&P because of the great online reviews, and because nobody is yelling at you and you can still get some pampering with the spa treatments. Loved the Northamptonshire venue and countryside. Highlights for me were the assault course and the bike ride; and finding out how far I can push myself. And of course meeting the rest of the group, there were some really nice people there.

I appreciated Katie's concern for every member of the group; Gary & Woody are a perfect team; Lizzie & Heather are excellent therapists; Sally is a great chef and Georgia is just lovely to have around and to "zumba" with. It's tough but it works - I went down a dress size and have been able to keep up the good habits. Really happy I came and am planning to be back!

Fun and effective

I just loved it!

Third long-weekend at Apples & Pears and yet again it worked for me - inch loss, weight loss and a surge of confidence and enthusiasm. It's a great way to kick start your fitness routine. Loved the duathlon, the team games and the assault course. All Sally's meals were lovely and I didn't feel deprived at all.

Achieve your Goals!

Good location,great healthy food, experienced motivating team of people. Actually hard work but worth it and fun! Laughed a lot, Learned a lot!

I am going to make this an annual must do event!

Alter - lost 8lb's

I found Apples & Pears through online search. I would and will definitely recommend it. Northamptonshire is a fantastic venue in a lovely English countryside setting and the whole week was really great--but it was also hugely challenging--but I surprised myself and met the challenges so it was a wonderful personal discovery to find out how much I was physically capable of doing! I found that even when I was reluctant about an upcoming session, that I would muster up the energy and I ended up really having a good experience. I loved the cycle ride and the walks/treks - and taking in the beautiful countryside. The food was tasty, healthy but minimal -- learned also how much my body does not need to eat to perform at a high level -- another self discovery!! Especially when I found I had lost 8 pounds!! My favourite dinners were the meatballs, lamb, shrimp curry and chilli & I was impressed with the tasty fruit and yogurt based desserts. But first and foremost, I cannot say enough about Katy and her team -- highly supportive, highly professional and great motivators with a sense of fun, humour and purpose -- they had time for each and everyone of us-- paying close attention to each individual needs. So to sum up-- a really fantastic experience - I

would never have believed I could push myself so far.

With heartfelt thanks and warm regards, Alta.

Overseas retreater

I did my research online and A&P consistently got great reviews. I knew that I

didn't want a military style camp. there's enough shouting in my day job and I wanted a chance to relax and recharge as well as gain some fitness and eat great food.

The best ting about Apples & Pears was their ability to tailor the programme to suit individual needs and requirements. Whether this was because you didn't like swimming or wanted to be pushed that little bit harder, the A&P team

always had an option available for you.

I was slightly different to the majority of other retreaters as I came

with a fitness, rather than weight loss goal, in mind. If you do have a

decent fitness base, I would thoroughly recommend purchasing

individual extra PT sessions with Woody. It's guaranteed to make you

sweat. I still managed to loss six pounds however and brought three new stunning dresses to show off that hard work.

The food was wonderful. It gives you some great ideas of simple things

that are healthy but taste great. I'm still raving about the warm

peach desert!

If you can afford it, purchasing the treatment package is great value

for money - the massage definitely helps tired muscles.

Highlight: The individual PT package with Woody and the wonderful staff. Katie seems to have collected a team that is entirely professional, clearly enjoy each other's company and are genuinely interested in how well people do.

Amazed by what I had achieved!

I picked Apples & Pears because I hoped it would give me the kick-start I needed to get back into fitness. After such a long break from doing any form of exercise I was nervous about what was in store. However, I didn't need to worry because it really was catered for me as an individual.

The best bits...

1 The instructors are so encouraging and willing to offer routines that matched my fitness goals.

2. 'The Girls' on the staff team: everyone of them was a joy to meet - always there with a smile

3 The Food - never thought I could do so much on so little!!

4. Can't believe I'm going to say this... the exercise!!

5. Finally... Katie - you've done an amazing job setting up Apples & Pears. Well done!"

Best bootcamp ever!

Returning Retreater - lost 7lb's:

I originally heard about Apples & Pears online and choose it because of the reviews and the results. I've just completed my 6th boot camp with A&P which says it all. Each time I come, I exceed my own expectations, both in weight loss and improvement in fitness. I can't praise Katie and the team enough. I love the Northamptonshire venue, particularly the facilities and the countryside which is challenging but achievable. Food is always a highlight of the retreat.. this time my favourite meals were the Salmon, Chili, Prawn Curry, Smoked Salmon

Salad and all the Soups. Activity highlights include: the bike ride and the fitness tests.

This bootcamp changed my life!

Nicola - My 5th retreat with Apples & Pears

This Boot Camp changed my life. Over the last 3 years I've gone from a size 16/18 to a size 10 all because of what I did at

Apples & Pears Retreat. Fantastic week - hard work, fun and full of achievement. The general running of the retreat and the Sunday trek were particular highlights. Amazing feeling of well being.

Wanted to stay longer

I'm a returning retreater because I had a great time last time.

I had such a fantastic long weekend! The retreat totally lived up to my great memories of the last one and I loved it - particularly, the assault course, pool sessions, food, people and the massage. The location was even more convenient and rooms were very comfortable.

Thank you so much. I only wish that I could have stayed for the whole week. Looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

Marie - Third retreat with Apples & Pears and I lost 10 lbs!

I wanted to kickstart my fitness regime and weight loss programme. I enjoyed my time at boot camp and the food by "Sally the Chef" was amazing. Favourite meals were the broccoli soup, tuna

salad and the strawberries and balsamic desert. Heathers Lava Shell massage and Reflexology is fab! Lizzie - just mental - but every camp needs a Lizzie! Gary & Woody - very motivational. Katie - is Apples & Pears. Hard work, great results, highs and lows - tears and laughter. Well worth the effort.

Many thanks Marie.

an enjoyable camp

I was worried the word "retreat" on the A&P website would mean this camp would be too easy. However, I needn't have worried. The whole experience was so enjoyable but the results the same as more painful camps I have been on.

Great bootcamp

Really nice people and a friendly atmosphere, but still worked hard and got good results. Works well whatever your fitness level.

"Loved every minute"

What can I say... my third retreat and not a disappointment.

Great exercise, food, instructors, had a great laugh and lots of fun along the way, just what I needed!

Thank you so much Katie and the team.

I came in like an old Jalopy and I'm leaving a used Ferrari. I have returned. The first retreat changed my thinking, attitude and intentions. The second retreat changed my life. Learned there's more to life than work and feel like a million dollar baby. Thank you A&P team. You are not cloneable. See you in August.

jennifer butler

Total Remotivation

I went to Apples and Pears to lose the last of my baby weight and remotivate myself with new exercise and cookery ideas. Not only did I lose 7lbs, 3 inches from waist and 2 inches from hips,it enabled me to refocus on what is required from me to eat healthily and what exercise is needed to maintain an active,fit lifestyle.

The Apples and Pears team are fantasic and it would be unfair to single any one person out. They all work in unison for the greater good of each retreater. The ambience is just right and although the week was hard, it almost felt like a holiday... :)

I will certainly be aiming to attend a retreat again next year.

Totally agree with Nicci and Miss M, which save me a bit of typing! I’ve got a good 10 years (and three children) on them and I’m quite reserved, but had just as great a time. Nearly a month later, I’m even more impressed at just how good the team are. They make it look really easy… but under the warmth and humour, you realise that there’s major skill and knowledge, resulting in cracking results. On a couple of days, the weather was really pretty grim, yet they managed to get us through what had to be done outside and we were all still laughing. Not that there was any silly weather sadism/masochism – we were back inside exercising as soon as practically possible. Their excellent judgement that means you get safely pushed as far as possible. This gives you the confidence to feel you can work harder and longer than you expected. Apples and Pears don’t just get results, they give you practical ways to carry on the process afterwards. It’s hard work, but you come back thinking “yep – I’ll do that again” as half the people on our week in fact already had. Delighted to already be back in clothes that hadn’t been able to get into for a few years – now just working out when can do another week!

And another bit of sense - you can have caffeine if you want. It’s the little things….

Take the Leap and do an Apple and Pears Retreat !

Where do I start...WOW ! I always look at reviews but have never written one before. I have just had the best week of my life, and wanted to share and shout it from the roof tops. I insist, don’t hesitate, TAKE THE LEAP, AND DO an Apple and Pears retreat!. The fantastic staff, balance of exercise, talks , team games, treatments and free time works to create a great retreat. Katie and her Team are wonderful, support you all the way, and make it all a lot of FUN ! Thank you so very much to all of the staff.

I arrived and joined a great team ! When someone felt tired we motivated each other. We laughed constantly; so much so I developed stomach muscles...but perhaps that was down to the kettle ball exercise! Everyone was supportive and respectful of each other’s space and we all shared a common goal to have fun and get fit, and enjoyed doing it together. The other added benefit, I lost weight and inches, I love my clothes again !.

The trainers were brilliant, they motivated, joined in with the sessions and most importantly made it fun. You never knew just where the next bad joke was about to come from ;-). All exercises were safely demonstrated so you got it, and time was taken to ensure you understood the exercise and were comfortable with it. If you had an injury the exercise was tailored to your needs and no one was ever left out. You were motivated each minute of each day and the excellent team morale enabled you to work hard and keep on working hard.

It wasn’t a competition it was about taking part and doing the best you can do. What you give each session allows you to walk away feeling dead proud of yourself, confident that you can do anything.

Before Apples and Pears all I ever ate was microwave dinners. Now, thanks to the fabulous tasty meals and retreat snacks, I have been persuaded to do my first proper healthy food shop (in a very long time) and I’m making my way through the menu plan and recipes given to us....Thanks Sally!

The accommodation was superb, comfortable and there were lovely hot showers and a log fire which were exactly what you needed after a cold day. The massage and reflexology sessions are a very worthwhile extra and a must after a big day. Thanks Heather & Gary !.

Have fun , Go for it and Enjoy!

I'm a lardarse and I managed to lose 9lbs in 6 days!

I felt compelled to write a review about this retreat having just got back from it.

There is no way that you could not get results on this, even the laziest person comes back a different shape! I say that, because that person is me!!

I live in London, in my mid 30s, sedentary lifestyle, dress size 16-18, creeping upwards....

I hate diets, I am greedy and the idea of this filled with me dread, but after speaking with a friend who went on the retreat before, I took a leap of faith and signed up.

Communication before booking, after booking and after leaving is phenomenal. All my fears were laid to rest because I did not want to partake in some military GI Jane style craziness, or slow anyone else down. They have cleverly worked a 7 day plan which always remain interesting, varied with personal activities, team activities but always working at your own pace. The group I was in was plagued with injuries, but they ensured all exercises were adapted to suit (I fell down a concrete staircase the week before and did my knees in and they took great care of me)

I hate exercise, I have not regime currently and I love my food - basically a recipe for disaster! Apples and Pears retreat was the absolute magic wand for me. I lost 9lbs in 6 days, 2 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips taking me back to my shape 9 years ago!!

My shape has changed, my belly reduced, my arms are toned, my legs look wicked and overall, I look much better than a week ago!

The retreat is an investment in your health and they have set me on the right track so that I can at least maintain what I've lost, but hopefully, lose some more in the forthcoming weeks. I can now make healthy soups quickly, know what a good snack is, prepare quick tasty meals balanced and nutritional and can manage puddings ok (we had puddings every night on the retreat!)

They also taught me to swim underwater, something I didn't think possible after coming close to drowning when I was young. And they had me doing 40 lengths in the pool on day 5!

If you want to see quick results that can last, this is the thing for you. The life changing potential is actually 5*, not 3 a suggested on here. This is the thing that will set you on track. Worth every penny.

Good luck!


Exceeding Expectations

"The week was an extremely effective one for me, both in terms of

weight loss (11.2lb's), which genuinely exceeded my expectations, but also in

terms of reminding me how much I enjoyed exercise. The success of the

week was due to a combination of factors: small group size, great

accommodation that you could retreat to change quickly between

sessions; fantastic food that you can see how you could extend to your

home life & which you look forward to; and a well structured exercise

regime which allows everyone to give their best. Most of all however

it was due to the cohesiveness of the whole A&P team."

Still hesitating? Don't...

Hello. I’m Alex – a 48/49 year-old male businessman.

I attended the August 17 2012 retreat. I chose Apples & Pears (A&P) because, after extensive research on the internet, it was the only one that seemed to strike the right balance between mixing fun with hard work. I also chose A&P because of the owner’s initial telephone conversation with me. I don’t know of many owners who would take the time to talk to a prospective client, but Katie chatted with me at some length about my objectives and how these could be met. And her charming friendliness, which later was reinforced in person, sealed the deal.

The reason I even decided to attend a retreat was twofold: to kick-start my exercise regime (which was non-existent) and to lose some weight in the process.

One of the reasons it’s taken me so long to write this review is because I wanted to wait a little to see how durable the results of the retreat were. At the time, they were (in my mind) spectacular. I lost close to 12.5 pounds (slightly more than 5.5 kg) in a week. 3.5 inches came off my waist. And 2.25 inches dropped from my hips.

These results should speak for themselves. If you’re hesitating, stop. Make the investment – not just in money or time, but in yourself. This is a fabulous program, managed, catered and run by a delightful team of some of the friendliest professionals you’ll meet.

Unfortunately, in my case, I have not been able to build on this groundwork that A&P helped me lay down. Work, travel and the illness and sudden death of my father, meant that I’ve been very distracted these last six months. But the upside is that I am still 4 pounds lighter than when I started the retreat and, with a New Year’s Resolution under my belt, I’m trying to get more regular in my exercise routine, even if I’ve had to scale back my results ambitions.

In addition to the health benefits of the retreat, principally exercise, a better diet and some very sound sleep (!), you’ll undoubtedly meet some wonderful participants on the program, all of whom will share your desire to change a lifestyle and have fun doing it. I could not have achieved what I did without the encouragement of those around me.

Bottom line: stop prevaricating. This is a top-notch program for men and women of all ages. Sign up!

Best thing I've ever done! EVER!

An absolutely fantastic week from start to finish!

Had loads of fun and managed to lose almost a stone and 8'' around my waist and hips in just one week - AMAZING!

Gorgeous setting, amazing people, delicious food.. there's not a single thing about it that I did not love! Worth every penny!

work hard but get results

This was my third visit to an Apples and Pears retreat - the fact that different venues are available means that you can get a different experience each time. Because it is sold as a fitness 'retreat' the accommodation is much nicer than a more traditional boot camp. You still work hard but the variety of activities and sessions means that even. The trainers are skilled and encourage everyone to work to their own potential. You'll work hard but the results are worth it - came away 9 pounds lighter and feeling much fitter.

Bravo from New York!

Going to a boot camp can be intimidating, especially if your traveling alone overseas. The moment I was met by the staff in Dorset England I knew I had made the right choice. It was simply amazing the days were filled with changeling and diversified activities from a 15 mile hike by the sea to boxing lessons. The staff is attentive to all needs both big and small they do everything to ensure your success. I would like to thank Katie, Garry, woody, Sally, Lizzi, and Georgia for helping me achieve my fitness and weight-loss goals this summer. See you next year!

This place is brilliant!

I lost 18 lbs there this summer. I'm a big person, and have a lot of weight to lose, and because of my weight I am not able to do everything with the others, but the team there is really good at assessing of how much you are capable of doing, and push you further than you thought was possible, but not as far as to break you. I came back for the second time, and I will be back again next year. I really belive this place has what I need to finally lose the weight I need to lose.

A Great Kick Start to a Change in Lifestyle

Thank you to all of you! This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Thank you for making it as easy as possible. I feel that the week has been excellent. Very well run, good location, good variety of activities & good food. I'm very satisfied with the retreat. Lost 7lbs in 7 days.

Well worth it.

Well organised, nice people and a good variety of activities. The food was excellent - very tasty, healthy, balanced and decent portions so I didn't feel starved. Highly recommended.

Much more than weight loss

I went to this retreat hoping for a fitness boost that would kick start my fitness campaign. I was expecting to grit my teeth and just "endure" to the end of it, but instead found myself enjoying myself so much that I chose to stay an extra day! The team restored my confidence in my ability to exercise and knew how to get the best out of me. Very professional and knowledgeable team. The session about nutrition was enlightening and the food was healthy and delicious. Lost weight, but gained self confidence and regained some self respect......The enthusiasm and care of the staff made me believe I was worth taking good care of! Mission accomplished as I have stuck to the healthy diet upon return home, exercising regularly again and signed up for a marathon next year. Highly receommend the retreat and can't wait to go again!.

Highly Recommended

It's easy to see why A&P in number 1. Having been to two other boot camps, I can say without equivocation that Apples & Pears is the most professionally run I have attended. I was immensely impressed with the professionalism of the team. Great training, great massages, great food and a superb group. The staff all give 100% and genuinely care about each persons' progress and welfare. Highly recommended. Thank you so much for a fantastic experience. WEIGHT LOSS: 10.5 pounds.

I lost a humongous 16 pounds!

This was a great retreat that really showed me that with the right push and encouragement from the team, you realise you can do anything you set your mind to... A boost in fitness, weight loss but also mind set. Thank you so much for a wonderful week full of memories, pain, laughs and noticeable results. Everything ran smoothly and I really appreciated how adaptable you guys are regarding the needs and fitness levels of all of us. A great challenge given by a great team.

One word... FANTASTIC!!

"Katie, Woody, Sally and Lizzie. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making me believe in myself and letting me see what I can achieve. My confidence was low and I hated my body but now have a newfound respect for my body and what it can achieve. I've found a love for swimming after not being near a pool for nearly 17 years. I look fitter, slimmer and energised. I would recommend A+P to everybody. It may sound corny but you motivated me to change a lot. This is the beginning. Only a stone to go. Lost 7lbs in 6-days"


"I LOST ONE STONE over two retreats this month!

To the 'A' team.

Thank you all so much for yet another amazing stay with Apples and Pears. I have learnt so much more from you all. My fifth retreat and definitely one of the best!! A week with an amazing group of fellow retreaters who all worked hard together and encouraged each other all the way. The A&P team, as always, laughed with us, worked us hard and made the highest possible effort to ensure each and every person was comfortable,happy and applying ourselves to each task. We had a week of well structured days, inter activities and fun new additions and lots of encouragement to push us to the limit. The Dorset location was amazing, allowing for treks, bike rides and outdoor events with awesome scenery.

estingHappy Days!'

Third time attendee - no better way to charge those batteries

Although my third time attending Apples and Pears this was my first visit to the retreat in Devon. The accomodation was brilliant as was the food - never feeling hungry. It must be something about the Devon air that made the food taste so extra special. As for the fitness side there were always a well balanced set of activities and the instructors, Woddy and Gary, always knew just how much to push you - always getting that bit out of you that you didn't know existed. I especially enjoyed the forest cycling paths and the great trek. Almost pushing 60 I found the activities enjoyable, the food amazing and, best of all, the camraderie of the other people truly inspirational. All that and managing to lose 6 and a half pounds in three days can't be bad. Katie Duncan is an amazing and inspirational leader - always there urging you on and taking part. I can't wait to book my next session.


A kick start to my fitness routine; 4lbs and 4.5 inches lost!

I have been wondering about how to kick start my fitness routine for some time now - three years ago I ran a half marathon but work and kids have got in the way since and I have been very lax in my exercise routine. I'm leaving now after an intensive weekend and am delighted with the results - not least my clear plan as to how I am going contine with the healthy eating and exercise. The team are friendly and knowledgeable experts who push you in a safe environment which has been very positive and motivating for me. I met some great people from all walks of time - all in all an excellent experience. You should go!!

I lost 8.5 pounds in three days

I came to Apples and Pears 66 retreat for a specific weight loss and fitness goal and i have to say i achieved everything i wanted and more, it's not just for women and as a 18 year old bloke it worked extremely well. It's not a military bootcamp but i was still pushed to to my limit. I would highly recommend this retreat to both men and women alike of all ages.

Lost 8lbs in four days

I have had a fantastic time at the Apples and Pears Treat. I lost 8lbs in four days. There was never a moment when I felt hungry. We were given good quality food. Lunch and Dinner were always two courses. We also had breakfast and two snacks one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The Apples and Pears team work excellent together. It is non miliary retreat. However, you will lose weight and have fun along the way.

A really lovely team

This was my first time at a boot camp so I was a bit nervous but I had a fantastic time. Apples and Pears has a great team. They are supportive and motivating. The food was amazing and I didn't feel hungry. Exercise has never been so much fun. I did far more than I thought I was capable of. Will definitely go again.

I lost 6 1/2 pounds!!

After having visited a number of boot camps/ detox experiences/ juicing weeks over the past few years - I have come to realise that the only retreat that works for me personally, is one that involves exercise and a controlled diet. The motivating force behind me wanting to attend a retreat this time round was that I felt that my eating habits had gotten out of control. My main meals were very healthy but snacking was a major issue for me. I had put on well over a stone since last summer, and although my friends told me they couldn't notice any significant increase in my size, my clothes had become very uncomfortable and I wasn't happy with my body shape at all. I booked myself onto the Apples and Pears weight loss retreat. I arrived one Friday afternoon and left the following Tuesday morning, so really - there were only 3 full days of exercise. I must admit as the retreat grew closer I wasn't feeling the desire to attend. I have 2 small children and was having second thoughts as to wether or not a high intensity activity holiday was right for me at this moment in time - a relaxing spa break seemed much more appealing!! I arrived, settled into my room and half way through the first session I knew that I had made the right decision to come. I felt fired up by the realisation that I was actually here doing this for myself. I had a break from the children and could have chosen to go to a spa, stay at home even, sit drink tea and eat cake ( like i'd been doing for far too long ) but I was here and already starting to feel energised on a mental level just from the mere fact that I was doing something positive to make a change about an issue that had been making me miserable for a significant period of time. I never felt hungary while i was here. Sally the chef, made the most incredible tasty dishes. We were eating from bowls a lot smaller than I would choose at home and yet I was feeling full and satisfied. Katie the retreat manager was very hands on, she paticipated in the majority of the sessions and each day explained the days activities and advises on whiat kit we would require. the training staff were great at recogising each persons individual limits. Their knowledge was extensive, they were personable and they managed to push you in an unthreatening, non - military style way which got the best out of all participants. I lost a total of 6 and a half pounds which amazed me given thre short period of time i was here for. I didnt expect to loose so much. I also gained a great deal on a mental level. I came on the camp on my own. So of an evening i took myself off to my room and read. Not having a tv to distract me turned out to be as blessing. I nearly finished the whole book while I was here, a rare achievement for me! Everyone in our group got along brilliantly and it was great fun chatting to new people and having a giggle. All in all I had a great couple of days, I feel so much better, my face and body shape has changed and I will keep up the non snacking when I get home! would i recommend you try it - absolutely!!!


Just got back from Apples and Pears bootcamp after a fab weekend. Feel like a new woman. Thanks to all team for making it an amazing experience. Felt like we were all in it together. The food was lovely. Kate,Woody.Gary,Sally and Heather were stars. They had time for everybody. I didnt realise up could run 100 yards uphill till this weekend. The accommodation was 1st class and it was in a wonderful setting. Coulndt have wished for better people to share the weekend with too.

If you want to try a bootcamp try this one. Its the best. Cant wait to go back.


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hi ,,,it was lovely to meet you all at boot camp the three of you really brought so much laughter to the house... i did finish the week and lost 11lbs sooo happy .... hope to keep it off and get my fitness routine started .... hope you are all well ...

the glesga bird denice xx

what an amazing week

this is the second time I have come to an A&P bootcamp and I have really enjoyed it. The whole team are great and all push you to do your best. The food may be in small portions but it is all great thanks to Sally. Katie is nearly always joining in with the activities which really shows how much she cares. Thanks so much I had a great time. Rebecca

More than just a boot camp

I have done two camps in one month and what has struck me is I have come away from the two thinking what an amazing expereince. Yes it is tough but the way it is organised makes this more than a boot camp. The food portions are diet size but the food was delicious Sally is a Star chef and does such a great job with making the meals tasty and healthy . The Dynamic Welsh duo Woody and Gary exceptional trainers they do an amazing job of catering to all abilities .Magical figured Heather the therapist . Caring Katie looks out for everyone. An execeptional team a great location in Devon . Hard work at times but well worth it and yes I would consider coming back next year. Also the people who have come on both camps have equally been a great bunch of people that added to making this a good experience.

tears and triumph

loved it... learnt more than you can imagine.. learnt even more about myself .

Coming here was a big emotional and physical challenge.. and i may not have conquered but i have an attack plan.....Cant thank katie woody gary sally and the lovely heather for all the done for me ..

Denice (retreat 65)

It has everything...


I lost 18.5lb on my last retreat with Apples & Pears. Yes, I'm a repeat Customer, and I really rate Katie & her Team. Then venue is very good - all within walking distance.

Give it a go yourself - you won't regret it.

They cope with all shapes & sizes - and make each exercise or event fun. (This must be difficult...)

Enjoy it yourself.

A truly fantastic week - not to be missed!

A week at Apples and Pears is without doubt to be recommended. If you're already looking at camps and keen to take the plunge this is the one to go on. Staff were fantastic and incredibly friendly, making it feel like home. In turn, those who go along become friends and family for the week, which is so important when energy is lagging and you need a boost. The trainers were brilliant - they motivated without being patronising, and their sense of humout makes them great fun to be around (again, very important when energy is lagging and you haven't got the energy to make jokes yourself).

(to illustrate the point, I just dug out my thank you e-mail: I want to say a huge thank you to you all for your hard work over the week we were there. Please pass on a big hello to Gary and Woody too! I really miss the circuits, boxing (to Rocky music) and the assault course..if only I had more of that where I am now. Would be keen to get involved in the Saturday sessions in London at some stage over the summer.)

To finish, what you learn at Apples and Pears is not just how much you and your body appreciate regular exercise (and thus how important it is to build it into everyday life) but also about portion control. I don't mean to a crazy extent, simply that the week teaches you that your old sense of how much you need to eat in the day will quickly fade away. I was at A+P three months ago and that has still stuck, as well as the exercise regime, and neither show any sign of abating.

First time at boot camp - highly recommended

After a stressful year I needed a kick-start to a healthier life and get exercising into my daily routine again - a friend recommended Apples and Pears and I have no regrets going there. It was tough, hard physical work and challenging but fun and never boring - even in adverse weather conditions. I learned things about myself I didn't know... The retreat is run by some lovely people, Katie, Gary and Woody are very professional, caring and with good humour - every day was different. The food prepared by Sally was delicious and even though being served small portions I was never hungry! The accommodation has a high standard with lovely rooms - I slept like a baby - especially after a relaxing massage by Charlotte! It was definitely worth it, I lost 5 pounds and 3.6 inches around my waist! And I am back into my fitness routine! Well done Katie & co! I will be back!

Inger, London

Can highly recommend

I have just returned from a week in Dorset on the Apples & Pears fitness retreat, and can't stop telling everyone how brilliant it was! It was a demanding week, but highly invigorating and memorable. We were kept active with a wide range of activities ranging from swimming, boxing and basketball, to circuits, walking, cycling, and some fun team games too. Gary & Woody the personal trainers were great fun, very encouraging, and gave everyone individual attention. Katie was extremely hands-on too, providing ace swimming coaching and keeping everyone organised. I also very much enjoyed the informative sessions with a nutritionist, as well as relaxing massages available in the evenings. The food was delicious and varied, the setting was beautiful, and the accommodation very comfortable. The inches I lost were very encouraging, and I've been inspired to continue incorporating more fitness into my everyday life!

An excellent retreat which achieves great results....

I recently returned for a third time to an Apples and Pears retreat and loved it. It has been an excellent kick start to my summer- feeling substantially fitter and lighter.... lost ten pounds and plenty of inches which I know I will keep off unless I overindulge at Christmas againas i did last year....... Good fun, food and friendly atmosphere.... Well organised by Katie, Woody and Gary. Exercise varied and well designed- didnt notice we were doing so much. House comfortable and great food produced by Sally and much needed massages provided by Charlotte and Colin. Would definitely recommend for anyone who wishes to get fitter and lose a few inches... M Bowe, London

Highly recommended

I have just come back from a week in Dorset with Apples and Pears. I could not recommend it more. A wide range of activities (including boxing, swimming, walking, weights, cycling, running, basketball, circuits) mean that you exercise all body parts without getting bored. The trainers Gary and Woody were always encouraging, very knowledgeable and good humoured. The owner Katie was very much involved, including leading the excellent swimming sessions. Delicious food, with morning and afternoon snacks so you don't go hungry. Along with interesting sessions with a nutritionist, relaxing massages and a beautiful venue this was a very demanding but memorable week that I would really recommend. I feel fantastic and lost 7lbs.

I would go back again

The test of any organisation is whether someone would use it again.I have been 4 times and would go again.I have taken my daughter on two occasions and only work has prevented her returning.

The staff are friendly and encouraging .They operate with a good humour whatever the weather.The training regime is fairly tough but you are only asked to do what you can.They have a nice way of extending your perceived range of abilities!

Very helpful to someone seeking weightloss and or fitness and generally good fun as well.

if you are going to try a boot camp...try apples and pears

Having done several bootcamp with different companies i keep returning to apples and pears...this was my 5th time...I am realtivey fit but wanted to give my self aboost in fitmness in preperation for a cycling holiday i am doing in tuscany in May....and it has certainly done that. But What ever someones fitness level , shape ,size age or sex everyone is challenged and gets results in fitness and weight loss, but only with the support of a great team, Woody and gary are excellent personal trainers, and they adapt your workouts to suit you personally and who make the hard work fun and varied, sally the cook@s food is awesome , charlotte and Gary do amazing massages at the end of a tough day and of course Katie the owner is always around, joining in when she can and she is a thoroughly decent person....and has a "good soul", the venues are beaultiful in locations and extremely comfortable.So I would say if you have contemplated doing a boot camp just go for it really is all shapes and sizes wont be dissappointed, in this last camp of 15, 11 people were people that had been to apples and pears before.

I always think the people you meet at the retreat are fun and lovely.. The day sessions in london are great fun too.!!!

sanchia franks

Thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable

I went on the Apples & Pears Devon retreat for 4 days in early February. My objectives had been to kick start making exercise part of my daily life, lose a bit of weight, especially around my waist, but also to enjoy myself in the countryside for a few days. Katie, Gary and Woody were all exceptionally dedicated to making sure that everyone on the retreat got the best out of it as an individual and they were so kind and supportive, they are really nice people. It was a real challenge - hard physical work from dawn to dusk and on a carefully planned calorie controlled diet, but there was a good team spirit amongst the friendly group of retreaters and somehow you found the ability to dig deep and carry on. There was lots of variety in the exercise so you never felt bored. There was a useful talk from a nutritionist one evening and although I thought I knew a bit about nutrition I learnt quite a lot from this. The accommodation was of a high standard and the food was very well cooked and varied. I waited a few weeks before posting a review as I wanted to see if had been able to achieve my first objective of making a bit of exercise part of my daily routine. The great news is that I have been able to stick at it. The strong educational basis of the retreat does stay with you I've found. It was a great thing to have done and I look back on my experience with gratitude and affection. I might even do it again some time! Go for it! Anne J.

It was brilliant - utterly brilliant.

A week of fitness is incredibly daunting, but the Apple & Pears team made it fun, rewarding, and there was delicious food, healthy of course. Really I couldn't have asked to have a better time.

Apples and Pears 62nd Fitness Retreat

Following many days of deliberation, I decided to take the bull by the horns and book a weeks fitness retreat with Katie Duncan. It was to be the first retreat at a new location in the Peak District,. I arrived Friday after work at about 6.00pm to be greeted by a group of individuals who like me were wondering what on earth they were in for. We were allocated our lodges and lodge mates and off we went to unpack and get ourselves ready for our first exercise session. By 7pm we were boxing for an hur which basically set the scene for a whole week. I slept like a baby! Up like a lark on Saturday orning for ur first wake up session which was circuits in the middle of a field, not something I would usually be doing on a Saturday morning . We then went on to have to some breakfast only to find much more intensive exercise for the rest of the day. By the end of the day my body had decided that it didn't belong to me any longer but all I could feel was discomfort. This really was the whole week, exercise and more exercise. We were pushed to do more than you would ever volunteer yourself, but everything we were asked to do was within our capabilities, the only thing to stop us was us. I have never done as much intense exercise in such a short space of time however after the initial discomfort your body is used to it. In fact when you carry out another boxing session towards the end of your week you know what to expect and thoroughly enjoy it. I have now been back over two weeks and it has ensured I now have passed the pain barrier for fitness and I now WANT to do it. The food at a and p is gorgeous wit sufficient to ensure you have the physical capability to carry out what you are required. The people make the whole experience - the staff really are tops, including Katie, Woody and Gary also Heather (please try her massage or reflexology ) and not to forget Sally our cook and saviour after a days long hard slog. The organisation of the retreat is spot on and the encouragement on your 'down days' is just what is needed. All in all we had a really good team of which I was grateful to be part of and I certainly met some incredible people including Hils, Gail, Julie , Liz and Fran and of course my roomies Victoria, Tara, Tamsin and Sarah thanks guys you were a pleasure. In summary - great team, great variation of activities, great location, great food, would highly recommend Apples and Pears to anybody of any ability as they cater for all.

Well worth going

Thanks to Katie and her team for an excellent retreat. I had not expected to enjoy myself so much whilst being pushed to my limits! The staff were always encouraging, never threatening. Yet they were firm - it never crossed my mind not to do what they said!

The food was excellent and the exercise designed to meet all abilities. I have come away fitter and lighter but more than anything I feel mentally invigorated and alive.

I had a great time, despite the exhaustion, I would definitely recommend it to others.

Apples & Pears - brilliant and professional fitness retreat/boot camp - LOVE!

I attended the 63rd retreat in the Peak District in March 2012 and it was fantastic. As one of the heavier people in the group, I was incredibly nervous but there was no need. Katie and her team bent over backwards to help me - they gave me confidence and the tools to surpass my own expectations of myself.

I came away feeling inspired and rejuvenated. I cannot recommend it enough. The food was great, the trainers and staff were fantastic. There were people of all abilities on the retreat and they were all tested in different ways. It's really tough; it should be, but it's enjoyable. At the end of the week, I felt better, mentally and physically, than I had done in a very long time!

Objectives met: I lost weight and now feel better physically and emotionally

Having prevaricated for ages I decided to go on an Apples and Pears boot camp when a good offer came up on a voucher site.

Like everyone else on my camp I lost weight and inches. Financially I would estimate that the average cost was about £100 per lb weight and £200 per inch lost but that of course is only part of the story as it is much harder to measure the `retreat’ benefits. I certainly enjoyed being with 18 other people from many different walks of life. At 58 I was the oldest there and with gender balance of 15:4 (female to male) I was effectively among a group of women young enough to be my children. However we all rubbed along well and shared knowledge, ignorance and encouragement as we coped with what is necessarily an alien experience for most of us.

I was particularly impressed with the home team: two excellent trainers, a skilled cook and calm leadership from Katie Duncan who oversees the operation.

It’s too early to tell if it has changed my life but it certainly provided the kick start that I was seeking.

A great experience

After 2 years of avoiding the gym (and somehow finding myself in the pub instead ) I decided I needed some motivation to get me back on track and exercising again. A week in Devon with Apples and Pears was exactly what I needed – a fantastic experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who needs as bit of a boost to get back into exercise. The accommodation was lovely, the perfect setting to come back to in the evenings. The activities were varied, no two days were the same and suitable for all levels - having not done much exercise for a long time before I was worried I might fall behind a little, however the trainers were just brilliant, always keeping spirits up whilst making sure we were all on track and pushing ourselves. By the end of the week I had lost 8lbs and learnt a lot about the small changes I could make when I was home that would make a big difference.

I’ve only been back a week and have been to the gym more times already than I went in all of last year and I’m enjoying my workouts more than ever thanks to all the new exercises I learnt from Woody and Gary. Thanks you so much Apples and Pears team for a week that I will never forget!

Emma B

Exactly what I needed -third time around !

"Thanks again for another amazing stay at Apples and Pears. I'm not sure how you do it, but every stay has been very different, challenging but such fun. It was very much appreciated after a rough couple of months and allowed me to take time out for myself and re-focus on returning to fitness.Please pass my thanks and praise on to Woody, Gary, Char and Sally for helping us through the week and hold your head high Katie, you should be very proud of what you have achieved !!!

Just read all the reviews on World Reviewer and the Boot Camp Guru and you can see you are miles ahead of any competition."

Second time around

I re-visited the Devon boot camp 12 months after my first visit when I had lost 7 lbs and came back feeling as if I could cope with anything life could throw at me. I found the mental uplift was just as important as the physical one. But a tough year at work finished off with Christmas cheer plucked away at my determination not to stray and I found myself back at boot camp. I did find it harder the second time but in many ways had an even more successful week. I had to grit my teeth much more as I knew what was coming but I found that mentally made me work harder for smaller chunks of time and divide up my days into 'bits' so none of it ever felt overwhelming. I came back feeling centred, relaxed, benign even - and 10 lbs lighter! Plus this time I have learnt some longer-lasting (I hope) lessons about how to keep this up. Such as varying my exercise regimes and portion control! The Devon house is welcoming, Woody and Gary are a delight - encouraging without being aggressive, a great comic duo who could raise a laugh out of you even when soaking wet, having walked 14 miles on a bread roll and an apple. The food was delicious but small portions but a day or two in and you forgot to feel hungry. In fact, I connected again with why I eat - for energy. Katie is lovely, helpful, always willing to try and sort out any problems, great in the pool, one of my bete noirs. I'm convinced the reason I lost so much weight was due to her morning swimming sessions. I will go back but perhaps to a weekend session or the Hyde Park one day sessions to keep me on track. Highly recommended and you dont have to be young, fit or slim to do it.

Fantastic results !!!

Anyone considering a bootcamp retreat MUST book up with Apples and Pears. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and will be going back on another. The professionalism, friendliness, personal care and hard work is second to none. At the end of every day (after superb food) you will be guaranteed to go to bed with a smile on your face, utter satisfaction and wanting to pat yourself on the back. YOUR A TOP BLUE CHIP TEAM xxxxx


This was the best week of my life!

Fantastic week away in Devon

Having just finished an awesome week at the retreat in Devon, I wanted to let you all know how brilliant I feel. Woody, Gary and Katie took us to task everyday in all sorts of different activities. The variety and intensity made it impossible to get bored and the support from the professional team really made the work a lot easier. Coming back to the house we were always pleasantly surprised with the yummy food from Sally's kitchen and the sublime massages from Char.

Overall a superb week, great team, fantabulous group of bootcampers and my jeans are definitely a lot looser. I definitely want to come back again

Thanks team, Michelle M

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Also, lost 12 pounds!!! Fantastic result

it was the most amazing experiences i have ever had....fantastic !!

There were absolutely no dislikes about this going home to find a house like this one its warm, homely, clean and had a fabulous shower in my room. The Apples and Pears Team were incredibly professional confident and caring to each individual. I love them all. Will be so sad to leave.. BUT HEY IM COMING BACK TO YOU and will be telling all my friends. The weight loss is incredible and you are never ever hungry as the food is absolutely delicious. Thank You Thank You Guys you have made a huge change in my life xxx

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I have just finished the best week of my life in Apples and Pears. I cannot recommend this highly enough. No matter what fitness level you are at this camp caters for everyone and are amazingly suppotive. The week is not only about fitness but making amazing new friends, challenging yourself to levels you never knew exsisted. I on my last day on this camp and as tough as it was I have never felt so amazing ever. The staff are the best there is in the industry and go the extra mile for everone. The clean your clothes, food is amazing , trainers are exceptional with amazing humour and patience. This camp is something ever one has to do. I travelled from Ireland and I would do this again.

Life is for living and this camps makes you sooo realise this.

Finally a huge thank you to Kate who owns the camp she is one of the nicest, welcoming person who take parts in everything. Thanks Kate ....

Hope to be back again


Non-Military, but definitely NOT a soft option!

I had been talking about losing weight and getting fit for years and it hadn't happened! Eventually, I got sick of hearing myself 'talking' about it and decided to actually 'do' something about it! Luckily I found Apples and Pears online and went with them because of the rave reviews - and they were justified! Katie and her team are absolutely lovely and work extremely well together. The week was absolutely grueling and I found it extremely difficult, but Woody and Gary keep you motivated with gentle persuasion, humour and guilt! Also, the rest of the group was so supportive, that I didn't give up on any of it. As a result i lost half a stone and 3 inches off my waist and more importantly I now have the motivation to carry on now I'm back home. I have no hesitation in recommending Apples and Pears to anyone.

Gartmore retreat

I visited the retreat in Scotland in August (beautiful, peaceful location) and have been prompted to write this review as I plan my next booking for next year! I had always fancied the idea of a bootcamp and this one didn't dissapoint. I was permanently impressed by the professionalism of the trainers especially when everyone was flagging.

The days were jam packed with different activities which although sometimes repeated (eg boxing)were never boring. People with all levels of fitness were on the retreat and the organisation of the activites was such that I never heard anyone complaining of feeling left behind or that they couldn't keep up with others.

The food was delicious and even though I think I eat healthily anyway, introduced me to some new meal ideas which I still use now.

The retreat was hard work but really good fun and I left having lost 10llbs and feeling physically and mentally on top of the world.

Well worth it

At 57 years old never exercising I was a little concerned was I in over My head. But to My great releif, with all the support from the enthusiastic and very professional instructors I lost 11 lbs in weight but more importantly fitness is now part of my every day life.

I would to thank Katie for Her support and Gary for helping me acheive My goals and when the going got tuff they got me through. Woody (another instructor) was also amazing in his approach to aiding me to not just enjoy the week but would recommend this retreat to all ages and fitness levels.

Thanks for a great week !

Second visit as good as the first

This was a return trip to Apples and Pears. Last year I stayed in the Dorset retreat and this time headed to Devon. My repeat trip was to allow me to re-focus on my diet and fitness, having allowed myself to stray of my goals.

The Devon location is beautiful and the accommodation very comfortable.

Yet again the days were well structured and everyone was encouraged to work to the best of their abilities. Full days of activities were set for us including circuits, cycling, swimming, boxing plus the assault course. No chance of being bored during the day, but a sensible structured timetable with adequate breaks and opportunity to push yourself that little bit more. Some days were harder than others but we weren’t there for a relaxing break and everyone worked together to help you achieve.

The Apples and Pears team -Katie, Woody, Gary, Sally and Heather, work very hard, together, to ensure every client is satisfied and gets as much as possible out of their stay. I have come away totally committed to continuing my diet and fitness goals, in a sensible manner, and it’s all achievable with the skills learnt.

The food was totally amazing, every single day. We all knew the calories were reduced but I was never ever hungry and sometimes struggled to finish my food, as it was so satisfying.

If I had one complaint it would be that I can’t take the team home with me and let them continue to encourage and educate me every single day.

Thank you so much Katie and the Apples and Pears team for the enthusiasm you showed every moment of our stay, for bringing a wide variety of people together and allowing them to laugh as one, whilst each client worked to accomplish their own personal objectives. And yes Katie, I am thrilled with my weight loss for the second time running.

I will be back next year to show how much I have continued to accomplish, using the skills learnt from A&P.

Good time, hard work, excellent results...

Apples'n'Pears is very well run & organised - very professional. Food & accomodation are excellent. Exercise is varied & interesting - and if you want to get the most out of your week, Apples'n'Pears's will assist you in every way.

Amazing Bootcamp

I have been on many boot camps although this is definately the best as it was so well organised and the staff were very helpful and friendly. Although the week is hard work I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Plus theres the added bonus of great weight loss. If anyone is considering partaking in a boot camp I would give Apples and Pears a go as it was a fantastic week and is great for all fitness levels and ages.

A fantastic week

A fantastic week, lots of fun and laughs in all the activities, of which there are many different ones to keep it interesting. We were motivated by the very patient team of Woody, Gary and Katie who helped us achieve our goals in a nice friendly and fun way. Nothing was too much trouble and every individual was catered for during the week. I have returned home refreshed & re-energised, putting some of the techniques learnt during the week into practise quite easily. Thanks to the team

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