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Hitler's Bunker

Listed under Battlefields in Berlin, Germany.

  • Photo of Hitler's Bunker
  • Photo of Hitler's Bunker
  • Photo of Hitler's Bunker
  • Photo of Hitler's Bunker
Photo of Hitler's Bunker
Photo by flickr user Michael Oglesby
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This, now ruined, series of subterranean rooms under the German Chancellery was Hitler’s final refuge in the closing days of the Second World War. As the war drew closer to Berlin another 30 small, concrete protected rooms were added to the older Vorbunker, which was about eight metres below the old Chancellery garden, and the two bunkers connected by a series of right angled staircases. Hitler, Eva Braun, Joseph Goebbels and family, about thirty support staff and Hitler’s dog moved in from January ’45 where they enjoyed a relatively nice quality of life, plenty of food and tea etc. until the closing days of April when Berlin was flattened by bombs and Soviet forces pushed forward towards their enclave.

Hitler last left the bunker on the 20th of April, dictated his will on the 29th and shot himself on the afternoon of the 30th. By the end of the day the Russians had captured the area around the Chancellery. Goebbels became leader, but he only lasted a day before having his six children poisoned then committing suicide with his wife and by the 2nd of May the bunker was littered with the bodies of suicide victims and burned documents.

Not wanting the site as a reminder, destructions attempts were made several times, but it was built to withstand bombing so it proved difficult to get rid of, so the area was ignored and a car park built on top of it. But a lot of people are interested to know where these events took place and in 2006 a sign was put up, with information in German and English giving people an idea of how the Führerbunker was laid out below ground. It's still there though and there is often talk of digging it out and treating it like a museum.

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For WWII Buffs this is a must see site - not much here now, but in 1990 when I first visited, one could find rebar and concrete lying about from the initial destruction of the bunker that you could pick up - just like obtaining pieces of the Berlin Wall that year. Those interested should seek out the "After the Battle" Magazine covering this location - it is full of facts, details and photos from then and now...

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