Historic Battlefields

Places where history was made - a battlefield represents some of the most dramatic and bloody events in the human story.

Often it requires quite a stretch of the imagination - quiet, windswept spots today, or simple ploughed fields, where centuries ago men fell under the arrow or the axe. But for anyone with a sense of history these are very evocative spots indeed, and often very moving. The cemetaries of the WW1 battlefields are a must-see experience to understand the scale and horror of what happened, just as a visit to Gallipoli is a rite of passage for every young Australian and New Zealander today.

Many battlefields have onsite information centres which will help take you back in time to the battle and experience the site from the perspective of the combatants, with relics and other artefacts.  Or for an even more personal experience, go with a guide or one of the WR Battlefields experts.

Experts in Battlefields:  Anthony Harrison,  Iain Mckenzie,  Ian Alexander,  Ed Church,  Deleted Account,  Major Tim Saunders MBE,  Lt Col Andrew Duff,  Lt Colonel Philip Pearce,  Chris Cuff,  Alain Chissel

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