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The Northern Lights

Listed under Astronomy in Nord-Norge, Norway.

  • Photo of The Northern Lights
  • Photo of The Northern Lights
  • Photo of The Northern Lights
Photo of The Northern Lights
Photo by flickr user Fir3fly86
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Norwegian sunsets are often spectacular, with blues, reds, oranges and yellows battling for pride of place in a sky that is sandwiched between a mirror of shining water and streaks of wispy clouds, all against the dramatic backdrop of the mountains.

Polar nights can manage to outshine even the best days though, with a thick blanket of stars that almost seem artificial in their extravagant brightness. Constellations seem drawn with a pen and looking up for a few minutes pretty much guarantees you will spot a shooting star or ten.

There is a festive atmosphere as people huddle about in freezing temperatures, dashing inside to warm up and checking the skies periodically. They are waiting for the subtle dawn-like glow that starts to materialize behind a mountain. As solar wind particles collide with the Earth’s magnetic field, they become multi-colored waves that dance across the sky, in what is known as Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights have arrived, and they were worth the wait.

Written by  Alice Bonasio.

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The Northern Lights

It has been explained with science in plenty of detail, but the Aurora Borealis still leaves its first-time watchers with a sense that they have witnessed an ancient magic. Curtains of rainbow shades against the black sky, spirals of twisting, unearthly green, bursts of pink and orange rays, golden arcs shooting across the horizon; endless colours and formations swamp the sky and almost block out the stars in eerie silence, and make fireworks seem like tiny, sparkly toys by comparison. There is a chance of their appearance at any time of year but for the best chance of a good display, come in Spring and read up on solar weather. High solar flair activity triggers the strongest auroras, and these are more common during the earth's equinoxes, when the interplanetary magnetic fields are at their strongest and geomagnetic storms are more frequent. Of course, you may prefer to imagine them as reflections from the armour of the Valkyries charging through the sky, as they are said to have done in the Old Norse legends.

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