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The Temple of Karnak

Listed under Archaeological Sites in Luxor, Egypt.

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Photo of The Temple of Karnak
Photo by flickr user Son of Groucho
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Called Thebes by early European visitors, the most extensive religious complex of the Dynastic Egyptians contained the temples of Karnak and Luxor. Rather than being places for collective worship, the inner sanctums of these temples were considered to be abodes of the gods and could only be entered by temple priests and members of the nobility. The surrounding complex however, functioned as a place for pilgrimage festivals and processions associated with the various deities enshrined in the temples. Some archaeologists consider the early founding of Karnak to have been around 3200 BC yet the existing temple complex is mostly a Middle Kingdom co-creation by several different Pharaohs. The central temple at Karnak, dedicated to the state god Amon, is oriented to admit the light of the setting sun at the time of summer solstice.

More about Karnak from Sacred Sites.

Written by  Martin Gray.

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“Karnak Temple”

'Although badly ruined, no site in Egypt is more impressive than Karnak. It is the largest temple complex ever built by man, and represents the combined achievement of many generations of ancient builders. The Temple of Karnak is actually three main tem… Read more...

Written by press. Karnak in Thebes (Modern Luxor) by Jimmy Dunn


A complex of temples and tombs on one of ancient Egypt’s most sacred places. Now an open air museum and one of the most popular historic sites in Egypt and the world. Only a portion of the complex is open to visitors. This section includes the temple… Read more...

Written by  Roy Adelwood.

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Karnak is brilliant - visiting in the day obviously but make sure you go and do an evening visit, this is brilliant (well I thought so!)

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