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The City of Ur

Listed under Archaeological Sites in Iraq.

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Ur was an ancient Mesopotamian city on the mouth of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. It is one of the earliest known sites of civilisation. The site is marked by a settlement mound and the ruins of a ziggurat originally a temple to Nanna the Sumerian moon deity, built by the last king of Babylon in approximately 539BC.

Ur is thought to be the worlds largest city for the period 2030BC to 1980BC with approximately 65,000 inhabitants.

Excavations on the site between 1922 to 1934 uncovered more than 1,850 burials, 16 which are thought to be royal tombs dating from around 2600BC. Most of the treasures at Ur are now kept in the British Museum and the Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

It is now possible to walk all over the site, but since it was excavated and opened some of the buildings and tombs have received some damage caused by visitors.

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Fascinating! Thanks for sharing. I've read the Bible my whole life and seen Ur mentioned, of course. Cool to see a little insight. :) Thanks!

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