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Listed under Archaeological Sites in Aswan, Egypt.

  • Photo of Philae
  • Photo of Philae
Photo of Philae
Photo by flickr user Argenberg
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When first arriving on Philae island by boat, you will enter through the Vestibule of Nectanebos I, where two rows of colonnades form a walkway to a temple which has drawings of various Gods and the Emperor Hadrian. This path then leads you to the Gateway of the Emperor, which was once set into a wall that encircled the island. The temple of Hathor is the largest temple and was build on top of several earlier temples in the same location. Also on the island is the Trajan's Kiosk, sometimes known as Pharaoh's Bed, elegantly crafted out of 14 massive columns with floral carvings and

designs. The island’s other highlight is the birth-house, called Mamissi, located on the western end of the island and dedicated to the birth of Heru, son of Isis. All four walls are masterfully carved with scenes of children and animals.

Written by  Mary Kate Alfieri.

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“Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae”

'This outstanding archaeological area contains such magnificent monuments as the Temples of Ramses II at Abu Simbel and the Sanctuary of Isis at Philae, which were saved from the rising waters of the Nile thanks to the International Campaign launched by… Read more...

Written by press. UNESCO

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Temple of Philae

This temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, was built on the island of Philae during the time of the Roman Empire. Philae’s many shrines and sanctuaries include the vestibule of Nectanebos I, the Temple of the Emperor Hadrian, a Temple of Hathor, the Pharaohs Bed and a birth house. The spectacular Sound and Light Show, where floodlit buildings are silhouetted against the volcanic rocks and water around them, is performed at night..

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