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Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis

Listed under Archaeological Sites in Luxor, Egypt.

  • Photo of Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis
  • Photo of Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis
  • Photo of Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis
  • Photo of Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis
  • Photo of Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis
Photo of Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis
Photo by flickr user Chiara Marra
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This ancient city has a claim to fame for its defeat of the invincible Sparta in 371 BC. But Thebes has much more to brag about than winning the battle that ended Spartan rule. In fact, to list the entirety of this city’s accomplishments – historical, political, architectural – would require an in-depth lesson of Greek history and mythology, so let's hit the high points.

Both the east and west banks of Thebes are testaments to the city’s proud history, housing several major archaeological sites, including the Temple of Karnak, which is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Egypt, second only to the pyramids at Giza. Construction on this temple began in the 16th century BC and more than thirty pharaohs added or improved upon the temple throughout the years. The Temple of Karnak is now a maze of buildings and smaller temples, making it one of the largest places of worship ever built.

Another notable site in Thebes is the Valley of the Kings which is the final resting place for more than 64 pharaohs and other royalty, including King Tutankhamun. Archaeologists continue to discover tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Their most recent discovery was in 2006. But according to tradition, an ancient curse that results in death is put on the head of anyone who disturbs the bones of a pharaoh.

Written by  Jordan-Ashley Baker.

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Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis

Thebes, the city of the god Amon, was the capital of Egypt during the period of the Middle and New Kingdoms. With the temples and palaces at Karnak and Luxor, and the necropolises of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, Thebes is a striking testimony to Egyptian civilization at its height.

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