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Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey

Listed under Spiritual Retreats in North East England, United Kingdom.

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Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey is a working monastery that offers various opportunities for visitors through retreats. Set in a remote area of the Northumberland moors, the abbey was established in 1972 and its members live by the Soto Zen tradition.

Soto Zen, or Serene Reflection, is focused around seated meditation, although all forms of work are viewed as an opportunity for active meditation. The intention is to teach people to see beyond their own thoughts and feelings to their true nature, which is equivalent with the enlightened state of the Buddha. Once this true nature has been found the training is intended to help people express it at all times through mind, body and speech.

The retreats are open to all; people of both sexes and of any religious denomination. The only rules are that those on a retreat join in with all community activities and refrain from bringing materials that would distract or offend to the abbey, such as alcohol, music or animals. Silence and contemplation are the focuses of the retreat which includes training in meditation and daily ceremonies under the stable, knowledgeable influence of the monks.

The retreats vary from introductory courses over a weekend, through specialist retreats such as the Feeding of Hungry Ghosts that focuses on the meaning of life and death, to those involving ordination ceremonies or Jukai. All are welcome to visit the abbey on Sundays if you want to learn a little more and the abbey asks only for a donation within your means in return for the retreats.

Written by  Anna Dejardin.

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A true gift and blessing to all who come here

All good. It's a gift and true blessing. I am deeply grateful indeed for the Buddhist monks and lay people alike. Forever touched by the compassion and guidance that I received.

In deep gratitude and respect. Thank you so much.


Not what you're looking for, but similar; also, it's not Gregorian Chant but Plainsong.

Are you holding any jukai ceromonies this year

Hello I live in Northern Ireland and have been practazing zazen for four years three years on my own and just over a year with our local zen group.I have been studing the precepts and I fell that I am ready to go through jukai.In our group there are seven of us doing this this year pmost likly in Augist. I am wandering will you be holding one before Augist, as I may not be able to do it in Augist in Northern Ireland

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Hi Trevor - World Reviewer is an independent travel recommendations site, so we don't represent Throssel Hole, we just recommend it as a potentially interesting experience. Sorry we can't be more helpful.

Jiyu Kennett Roshi's chants

Hi, I could not find a single video or audio of the gregorian style Buddhist Chants of Jiyu Kennett Roshi anywhere on the internet. I am wondering if it is eseoteric and private because I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone have any luck?

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