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Cortijo Romero

Listed under Spiritual Retreats in Granada, Spain.

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A refreshing place designed to help its visitors take the first steps to self-fulfillment, Cortijo Romero is set amongst the colourful, vibrant mountains of southern Spain. Crisp, white walls surround idyllic gardens smothered in jasmine and dotted with shady, twisting tropical trees, while the accommodation is simple, clean and Spanish country style, with terra cotta tiled floors, homely, mistmatched bedlinen and sensible wooden furniture.

Most guests come alone, for anything from a re-assessment of their values to a fitness and detox blitz – or even just a little taste of peace and freedom. Days can be filled with whatever takes your fancy. Yoga, reiki, reflexology, shiatsu and aromatherapy are all on offer, but there are also workshops available with language tutors, life coaches and therapists, to help you discover your inner clown, learn to write, live from the heart, practice bioenergetics or just speak Spanish. Many of the workshops and classes are also great for groups of friends and corporate teams.

Prices include the cost of all the healthy, vegetarian meals provided on site but you can sneak off to a local restaurant in the town of Orgiva, or venture further afield for a day hiking in the hills, or in beautiful Granada.

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Written by  larapiegeler.

Comments, reviews and questions by other travellers

More than a holiday... excellent all round

Hi, I have just returned from a visit to Cortijo Romero. This is a personal development holiday centre based just outside Orgiva in Andalucia, about 60 kilometres from Granada in Southern Spain. It was once a farm that has been converted and operating since the mid eighties.

The setting is beautiful as it is surrounded by the foothills and mountains of the Sierra Nevada. There were patches of snow still visible on the very tops of these mountains although shrinking as the temperature increased through the week.

I was introduced to this place by my partner Stella. She came across it several years ago and has been back many times since her first visit. When she first went she was looking for a place where she could relax, get some restorative sunshine and eat well. She says that she always feels at ease there as it is free of the pressures of the usual holiday resort. I can understand why she feels that way as the place does emanate a sense of calm and peace.

On my first visit I took part in a Spanish language course, this time I choose a getting in touch with nature course with Stella opting for a singing and dancing course. Most of the week we were working as one group and this felt fine to me. The course leaders co-ordinated their experience and worked together as a team.

As I work in the field of personal development it is good to let someone else take care of the work and just take part as a participant occasionally.

During the week thoughts and feelings came up naturally as we were encouraged to investigate different aspects of who we are and what we want for ourselves.

The underlying theme for me was that I have been dealing with my feelings around the death of my Dad since he died back in 2012. I hadn’t had the chance to process how this effected me as I have been busy getting on with all the normal day to day stuff that my life involves, work, friends, family and the daily chores that keep me alive.

Last time I was at CR my Dad was still alive. Shortly after my last visit he was taken into hospital and died a couple of weeks later. I was happy to spend some of those two weeks with him and he was not unhappy about his life or the fact that it was about to end. He lived a full life and could express his love for me and all those around him. I felt sad when he died and let those feelings out in my own way. What I didn’t realise is that there is a stage of grieving that involves coming to terms with the fact that when a parent dies you lose something that has been constant all your life. The realisation that this constant presence was now a constant absence bubbled up for me while I was at CR and it took some quiet time and a few honest discussions with others to allow these feelings the light of day.

As I sit here now about to go off to deliver a self awareness skills workshop with some sixth form school students in Durham, I feel that I am lighter in myself and more able to acknowledge my inner feelings with confidence having taken part in the work we did in CR.

I could write a review of CR going into detail about the beautiful gardens, the fantastic vegetarian food, the lovely organic local wines, the gorgeous swimming pool, the lovely decor and thoughtful layout of the whole site… but the truth is that is just a backdrop to the real value of the place which is the opportunity to gently come to terms with the feelings and ideas that make us who we are. For each of us these may be different things, but the common ground we share is that we all want to be at peace with ourselves. Many others have written about this seeking wholeness for as long as there has been writing and yet it is still as difficult as ever to define and achieve for most of us.

I was asked what it is that I find special about this place while there and I homed in on the pool as I love swimming with a backdrop of mountains and blue sky… but after some thought many other places could provide that… so I have decided that I like to be surrounded by others who are brave enough to seek a better relationship within themselves and honest enough to share their feelings with others.

So thanks to all those who work to make this place so lovely, Ruth, Lelly, Eddie, Joe, Eda, Claire, Heather, Ramon and Fiona and to the other seekers who took part in the week.

Also a mention to the two leaders who guided us through a journey of self discovery Jane Corbett and Hazel Carey. I am sure we will bump into each other again sometime.

I guess I will return to CR in the future and if you want to take some time for yourself where you can rest and refresh your outer and inner self, I recommend you take a look. Mark This.

It's not just the place it's the people

I went last year for the first time. I was worried that it would be too airy fairy for me ... How wrong I was ....CR is a precious ring made of pure gold and the people who gather within are the diamonds ... I highly recommend this as a break from the madness that can be life.

Food was an unexpected delight that has caused me to look further into vegetarian food. It's not all pretend sausages and nut roast .

I've been to CR three times now, and each time over half my fellow guests have been before at least once. So, obviously, a lot of people love it, as do I. Most of the people I've met there have been anything but "emotionally fragile", and no-one has ever suggested I help with the washing up!

If, like world traveller, you have an aversion to "psychobabble", you could go for one of the exercise courses - yoga, alexander technique, tai chi, etc. Or maybe a singing or dance course. The course leaders are excellent.

Admittedly, it's not cheap (the holiday price plus transfers plus flights plus a bit of spending money add up to around £900), but, in my opinion, worth it.

Think of alternatives.......

Basically you are paying a high cost in Cortijo Romero to fund the now elderly owners, The Dales, retirement home and provide an income for a few poorly paid volunteers (cooks, so-called 'therapists', and various 'hangers-on') living there 'cos they don't like the UK.

Lots of 'emotionally fragile' people there on courses. Much better choices available. Read 'between-the-lines' of the website. If you think it's too good to be true....then you're spot on!! It isn't what it says on the tin! (aka grandiose-worded website!). Plenty of nice scenic places to stay around the world without all the psychobabble and set 'routines'. They even ask you to 'volunteer' to help out washing dishes etc., supposedly to generate community spirit! My ar*e...more like to save on staff costs? Very overpriced for what it is!

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Hi world traveller. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. If you're going to be negative we do ask that you put a name to your review. It may be that the owners would like to comment also and we find it's far better for everyone to be up-front about a bad experience. We appreciate your co-operation in this.

I've been twice, and I'll almost certainly go again. A lovely holiday if you want to get away on your own and step "outside your life" for a week. You'll find yourself with a group of lovely people (age range from 20s to 60s) in a beautiful, relaxing place, with friendly and helpful staff, delicious food (and I'm not vegetarian), and interesting courses. By the end of the week, you really won't want to leave.

One word of caution - you need to be reasonably relaxed about nudity. The very inviting pool is costume optional, and nude sunbathing is permitted in the orchard area. Some of your fellow guests (though by no means all) will take advantage of this opportunity. If that bothers you -best not to go.

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