I realize that it’s been quite a while since I’ve left a personal update on my life here in Vietnam. I also realize that my last personal updates were full of struggle which left some people wondering what my future really held. Hell, I ask myself that question every day and still have no answer.

My first 4 to 5 months here were full of self-doubt, and a general dazed and confused state; I wasn’t myself and I hated it. Picking up your life in the ‘known’ to move it to the ‘unknown’ completely by yourself is something that any strong person would struggle with and any sane person would not do. And if you could all be here on the streets of Saigon for just one day, you’d understand what I mean. At least that’s what I tell myself to feel better!

But this post is not about my struggle to remain sane and strong…it’s to tell you about my last 2 months here which have been a big turn around from the first 4 months proving once again, time is the most powerful medicine there is. I got tired of fighting it all the time, and finally just accepted.

Bringing Home the Bacon: No, I didn’t buy a pig…yet it might go nicely with my neighbor’s roosters. I’ve actually made some changes in my job, I mean jobs. I originally came here to teach ESL at a local language school in HCMC. I did that for 6 months on a part time basis, but just recently I made a big change.

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