You’ve climbed through a million temples and your fair share of tombs, navigated the constant swarm of the Luxor felluca hawkers, and hurdle-jumped copious piles of horse manure produced from the calèches clip-clopping through the streets. Now you’re starving and delirious and in need of something hearty. Something authentic. Something truly Egyptian that doesn’t start or end with the word kabob. But what?

That’s easy. The only answer is Koshary!

Imagine sitting down to a nourishing bowl of macaroni, vermicelli, rice, lentils, chickpeas, onions, and garlic (Dr. Atkin’s isn’t too popular here). Now liberally spoon on the tangy tomato sauce.

No, you’re not done yet.

There are still the fried onions to sprinkle on top (think Durkee French Fried style at Thanksgiving) and the BEST part, the hot chili sauce. If you’re feeling frisky, pour it on thick. Otherwise, it’s best to add and taste slowly until you hit your heat limit.

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