As travelers that tend to visit less developed countries, we were a little apprehensive about coming to France.

We were excited to hear that our blog was chosen by Air France and the winner of free tickets on their Premium Voyageur Class, but at the same time, we had to cut our very cheap travels through central Asia short to make our way to Europe.

So how does this couple go from $7 guest houses and $3 meals in India to one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit?

We find cheap things to do in Paris, we find cheap places to stay and we find interesting ways to stretch our Canadian dollar.

Beautiful but Expensive!

Beautiful but Expensive!

We were surprised to see just how much money we could save in Paris and here are some tips for you that we learned while we were there.

1. Don’t eat at bistros or restaurants. Paris has amazing restaurants, but they are expensive. Instead eat outside at a boulangerie or patisserie. Make sure to sit outside as you can be charged extra to sit inside. We ate excellent lunches for 6.50 Euros. They included a large baguette sandwich, delicious dessert of our choice and a drink.

Use the Metro!

Use the Metro!

2. Use the metro, not the tourist buses. Buy a 10 pack metro ticket for 11.50 Euro. The three day pass is too expensive at $30 Euros. You can mix walking and taking the metro or bus and only use 3 tickets in one day if you plan your route wisely.

3. Don’t sit down for coffee at a restaurant, drink it at the bar you will save quite a bit of money.

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Comments by other travellers

But Paris is MADE for eating at Bistros, drinking coffee on the pavements and watching the world go round!

Ditch the penny pinching and get down with the locals - and if you find where THEY eat rather than the tourists, then you're in for a cracking meal.

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Good suggestion, but not everyone's able to 'ditch the penny pinching', and it's better to travel on a budget than not to travel at all. I've not found Paris the easiest place to get down with the locals. But I made an effort to steer clear of the touristy areas and that usually helps.

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