Tiger Balm Tales Vol. 10

Day 9 - No Room at the Inns…

Flags in the wind

By some miracle I woke up on Day 9 with a small trace of a headache, aches, and pains of the day before. Apparently 24 hours of sleep and antibiotics were just what the doctor ordered. I woke up feeling about 80% well; a miracle considering my paralysis the day before.

Considering I was unable to get out of my bed the day before, let alone walk; we decided to revise our trekking schedule. While being sidelined in Manang we learned that this was the high time to trek the circuit; the circuit was at capacity and guest houses were filling up fast. This was bad news for people who were slow trekkers (us!) as we kept hearing more and more stories of people not being able to find rooms to sleep in. This ‘Joseph and Mary’ predicament left people sleeping slumber party style on the dining room floors of inns. This was even more concerning since there were fewer and fewer inns to stay at as we moved closer upwards towards the pass. Prior to this, little villages dotted the trail and if you couldn’t find lodging, you simply walked another 20 minutes to the next village. However after Manang there were no more villages, just clusters of guest houses spaced out about 3 hours apart.

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