I wasn’t expecting much from Brooke’s Point. In fact one of the only reasons I was going there was that no one had anything to say about the place. The minivan driver turned out to be a nice guy and drove me straight to a well known hotel in the center of the small town, right opposite the market. Silinan’s Pension was 250 pesos a night with private bathroom.

This pretty much again knocked all online forums and locals on the head who said Palawan was incredibly expensive. But, the place was pretty much a dump. Stained mattresses and in need of disinfectant. I had one small tip about another hotel and set off.

Along the way I passed through the Market, hoping in kind to get some friendly remarks about a great hotel. Instead for the first time in the Philippines I got the impression I was a rarity. A foreigner walking through their local market doesn’t seem to happen everyday. Manila like heckles of “Guapo come here” and chirpy “Welcome to Jollibee!” were long gone. Replaced instead by polite smiles of curiosity and “Hello’s”  It all seemed so normal.

The only other hotel I knew about was closed. In a situation like this I dreaded asking locals as usually they will send me to the nearest expensive hotel. The thing with Brooke’s point is that there are none.

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Accommodation options

There are several accommodation places with Internet, in Brooke's Point, like Elizabeth Pension, or Sunset Lodge.

Brooke's Point Pension House is also nice, but no WiFi.

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Have you stayed in both? Is there a local internet cafe or anything?

I stayed in Brooke's Point Pension House, P750 per person, room with electric fan.

Sunset Lodge just around the corner is P125 per person, room with electric fan, but smaller. They also have Wifi.

Never been to Elizabeth's. I heard they have WiFi also.

There are many Internet Cafes around, specially around Merkado.

Sorry, that's actually incorrect.

Brooke's Point Pension House is P750 per room with electric fan. We stayed 2 adults and one kid.

Sunset Lodge is P125 per person, room with electric fan, but smaller. We were charged P250, they didn't count the child (3-years old)

Thanks for that! I hope to be there later in the year : )

Does it have internet?

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Yes, there is internet in Brookes Point. We recently stayed two nights at Elizabeth's Place above a barbeque Bistro. The rooms were clean and air conditioned. We found the town inviting and welcoming. The people there were very kind. We saw rice being planted, tasted all sorts of tropical fruits, including local small bananas,young coconut, watermelon, large guavas, local apple fruit and pamelos. The sea food was fresh and excellent. The beaches were sights of the perfect Pacific island with many palms and coconut trees, few tourists. Many people still live in thatched roofed woven walled huts.We also visited at the base of the mountain for a lunch and trip to the hot springs and waterfall.The ride from the airport was over four hours on paved and unpaved rough road. It is a rather remote place, but does have two hospitals. Very picturesque!

When you visit a remote places like Brooke's Point, you do not expect 5 star hotels.

Instead you should live like local people do. People there are laid back, very nice and very down to earth. They live simply.

are there any active malaria cases in brooke's point? thanks

Brooke's point is a laid back town. Quiet small and people had a simple living. Businesses & transportation closes at 5pm. No night life, no pubs and proper restaurants. Definitely not a tourist destination. Everybody knows everybody. They love their market day, politics and tennis.

It is a good place to retire and have a quiet lifestyle.

i think when someone goes to a remote place like this, we don't need to expect a Rolls Royce, but instead be prepared for a "kariton", or cart. The virgin the place is the better for me.

As long as you have a place to sleep and food to eat somewhere in the streets i think that's fine.

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