At 5:30pm, Georgie (the young and beautiful owner of Kingbilli) knocks on our door. “Any chance you guys would like to help me wrestle a koala out of a tree in Alex?” No sooner than the words are out of her mouth are our dinner plans put on hold, our shoes are on, and we are piling eagerly into her car.

Koalas are not particularly active in this area until the summer, and as such, we haven’t really seen one yet. So the opportunity to help rescue one is just too good to pass up.

Now Koalas in trees aren’t usually bad things; that’s where they live. Look for well-concealed blobs in tall eucalyptus trees, and you’re probably looking at a koala. But a koala in the middle of a city/town, surrounded by yards full of dogs, and curious people who try to capture or feed the koalas (and feed them improper foods that tend to kill them rather than help) spells trouble. The biggest threat are the dogs, foxes, and other ground-dwelling creatures that will attack the koala when it climbs down the tree and move across the ground to other trees. So a koala spending time in urban areas is a ticking time bomb. Hence – the need to rescue it!



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