Today's posting follows on from {wgaw blog archive: 12/o3 and o6/o4} and continues the list of words whose roots are said to have been borrowed, or loaned from the Arabic. 

Words in the list below start with the letters 'D' to 'G' and are listed in alphabetical order. The English word is followed by the root word in Arabic [xxx] and then the Arabic meaning. On the line below is the meaning in English.


Damask from Damascus

A figured woven fabric (esp. silk or linen) with a pattern visible on both sides


A lateen rigged ship used on the Arabian Sea


The monetary unit of Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman


The monetary unit of the UAEDragoman tarjama [tarr-ja-ma]interpret An interpreter or guide, esp. in countries speaking Arabic, Turkish or Persian


daraba [dar-rra-ba]  

beat, thumpBeat in a fight

Dura mater

al umm al jafiya [al umm al jaa-fee-ya]

hard mother, indicating the relationship of thingsThe tough outermost membrane enveloping the brain and spinal cords



al iksir [al ik-see-rr] alchemy

A preparation supposedly able to change metals into gold

Emir amir [aa-meer]

title of various Muslim rulers, interchangeable but different from a king [ma-lick] 


The rank, domain or reign of an emir


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