Obstacles. Today was the day, the day I was supposed to take the motorbike out and practice. Yet from the moment I stepped outside today I had obstacles in my way. In my little alleyway that leads to my apartment were about 15 parked motorbikes. Somehow the two that are normally out there reproduced over night. Luckily my motorbike didn’t reproduce in my living room as there would be absolutely no more space in my narrow little apartment. Thank God for birth control.

This mass motorbike reproduction posed a problem for my weekend practice plans; I didn’t really have a good way to get the bike out! Granted – I could have gone over and mimed to the neighbors (who don’t speak English) that I needed the other bikes moved and they would have happily helped me and the problem would have been solved. However in my massive neurosis about driving a motorbike, I had somehow envisioned that I would be able to quietly sneak out of my little alley without people noticing, and without calling any attention to myself. Don’t ask me why I wanted this…I just did. I wanted to be invisible. Asking people to move bikes and then having to push my bike past a whole wedding party was not the attention that I wanted.

So I waited. I worked instead and decided that I would go out later in the afternoon when all of the commotion had calmed down in the alley. Plan B sounded good; wait and work.

While I was waiting and working, I heard it…the deep rumble of thunder.

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