Beware of the airline seatback cops. They recently nabbed Cheryl Smith, and they could be coming for you.

What do these airborne officers want from you? Your total obedience, and an empty seat pocket in front of you. More or less.

Never mind that what they’re asking for makes no sense, whatsoever.

Here’s what happened to Smith:

The flight attendant made a huge deal of us not only not having anything in our laps, behind out feet, or in our hands, but also nothing in the seat back pockets.

She said that the only purpose of the seat back pockets was for the American Airlines magazine and the emergency safety card. She went up and down the aisle three times, making people take items out of the seat back pockets before giving the all-clear to take off.

One gentleman, a few seats away from me, had a water in his pocket (he did not have great English and couldn’t understand her). She finally went up to him and told him that this was “his last warning to remove the item from the seat back pocket.”

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