Preface:  I did some house cleaning around GoBackpacking in preparation for the launch of the new layout.  Any useful bits of information that had been stored in the corners of the castle are being dusted off and presented anew.  The following information was sent to me around 2000 by a traveler named Alexander. 

Since we are all running on our stomachs here, the kitchen first:

Kenya, among all the African countries has the richest variety of food to offer, in places ranging from high class restaurants to simple market stalls. You can eat European food there, east-Asian, south-Asian, African food, and what have you, and when I was there I gobbled up the lot.

In Nairobi you want to try steaks. Like in southern Africa, cattle run freely and are not fed with unpronounceable things. Hence, the original delicious taste of beef remains unchanged and I can tell you that is what I am missing most. In Mombassa and along the coast fresh fish is a must! Actually, we went deep sea fishing and brought our catch to the hotel where the chef prepared it for us. I also ate African food (did so for most of my life) and if you eat from stalls go by the worldwide rule “where the longest lines are it is best!”

You might also want to try game! I lived on the farm for a long time and we ate a lot of game; deer, of course, but if you want to try more exotic things, be our guest. It is available.

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