How many of you have ever been in a new country-or visited with people from a foreign country-and committed a true traveler’s faux pas?


I mean, besides me.

Oh yes, my friends … I am guilty. 

You see. I am from Texas and as you might have heard, Texans are a pretty proud bunch. In fact, we like to throw around our Texas-sized pride and welcome our foreign friends with a with a two-fingered salute (and a little yeehaw!) 

So, I was confused when I met my future Italian husband at the Houston airport with not one, but two “Welcome to Texas” longhorn gestures and he was offended.

Luckily, he gave me a second chance, but if you are planning to visit Italy-or hang out with some sexy Italians-it might be wise to brush up on your international body language knowledge.

Here are three Italian body language cues you might need to know before you go.

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