I have read a lot of posts about movies that inspire travel. I love movies and yes there is an endless list of movies that promote a country, inspire an adventure in us all and offer us a glimpse into life in another country.

While I love movies like that, I often think about movies that I have seen on the road in our travels. Many times in a conversation, someone will mention a movie and it will trigger a memory. Just the other day we were talking about Rambo at work and I said “hey, I saw that in Botswana” It happens all of the time and I will remember where I saw it and then relive that time in a country in my brain. It brings a smile to my face.

We have seen a lot of movies during our travels. Most of the time, it is exactly the same as being in Canada, but there are a few memories of movies that stand out and will be remembered for the rest of our lives.

Top 5 Travel Movie Memories:

1- Starship Troopers. We saw this movie on a loop on a bus from Chang Mai to Bangkok. It played over and over dubbed in Thai. We were both extremely hung over from running into Canadians that owned a bar the night before. They kept our glass filled with Thai Wiskey all night long. We managed to wake up in time for our 7:00 am departure, but it was not a happy ride. The air-conditioning wasn’t working, the windows wouldn’t go down, I was dizzy and dehydrated and all I had to distract me for the next 12 hours was Denise Richards speaking in Thai.

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