Traveling as a couple can be difficult. Many people will say that it can make or break a relationship. Dave and I have traveled for months at a time together on several occasions, and we have always found that we bond even more while we are on the road. We influence and inspire each other to try new things. We share in unique experiences and talk about them together for years to come.

We find that traveling as a couple has turned us into more well-rounded human beings than traveling alone. By keeping our minds open to each others suggestions, we end up exploring things that we never would have tried in the first place. And we end up liking things that we never thought possible. That is not to say that being together 24/7 is easy, but we have found that if we follow a few of these simple rules, we can survive and thrive when we travel together as a couple.

1) Compromise - This is our number one recommendation. We have found that a lot of couples are not willing to do this on a short vacation or in their every day lives even. How will they survive and get along traveling for months at a time without compromise? It may sound stereotypical, but I have found that most couples are pretty much the same when it comes to what men like and women like. Men will normally go for the high adventure and sports related activities while women enjoy exploring culture, hitting the spa or shopping. Well guess what, even Dave and I are the same way. I enjoy a good massage and great deals on clothes and hand bags and Dave loves jumping off of cliffs and catching waves.

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