While in Mongolia, I took some time to reflect upon my 3 years of travel. Wonderful memories came floating back – some good, and some that were memorable due to the struggle. I decided to jot down some of the first things that came to me. Here are some of my favorite memories over the past 3 years of traveling. If you have been following me for 3 years, then this is old news. However, if you joined me somewhere in the middle, you may want to check these old posts out.

* Being banished from Kilimanjaro due to altitude sickness and watching the rest of my group summit.

* My last day of volunteer teaching in India. One of the few times that as an adult I couldn’t hold back tears.

* The smell of the Mombassa market.

* Struggling for answers on what to do with my life while on a vomit filled bus in Morocco.

* Being jumped by a monkey in Bali and losing an earring in the scuffle.

* My first hilltribe trekking and homestays in Thailand I’ll never look at a rat the same way again.

* Living in Sorrento, Italy for a month eating, drinking, and murdering the language

* Going on a massive hunt to see the goats that climbed trees in Morocco – success!

* During my USA road trip – stopping in Ozark Arkansas drinking Bud Light with the locals.

* Sleeping ouside under the stars in the Sahara Desert

* Playing volleyball in the Gobi Desert (That story is coming out this month!)

* Turning the corner on a grueling hike and seeing the jaw dropping Batad rice terraces.

* My Mongolian bus ride where the whole bus joined in and sang songs.

* The freak blizzard in China praying I would get back to Shangri-la alive

* Bac Ha Market - still my favorite market in the world

* My isolation in Nepal and learning how to remove leaches

* Taking my motorbike out on the streets for the first time in Vietnam

* The moment while on a bus in New Zealand, looking out across the stunning landscape knowing that I would never be satisfied with ‘normal life’ again. A scarey and exciting thought. I never actually wrote about it, but it’s a very vivid memory that I refer to often as one of my most memorable moments of traveling.

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