Since we are leaving soon, I have been taking stalk of what I truly take for granted while I am at home in my comfortable apartment. It amazes me how the little things here can mean so much while I am on the road and I cannot fool myself into thinking that travel is glamorous. If I was Angelina or Brad, travel would be glamorous, but we are Dave and Deb, little travel couple from Canada.  We have a budget, we travel locally and we stop at the toilets on the side of the road during a long ride and pray that the stalls aren’t too disgusting.

So, as I sip my tea with music playing in the background in my air conditioned 2 bedroom, 2 bath flat, I must ponder where I will be in a few months and not take moments like these right now for granted. Here are some of the things that I have missed dearly over our years of traveling off the beaten path that I definitely take for granted each day while I am at home.

1- Ice water: In the deserts of Sudan or during the hottest time of the year in Burma, I crave an giant glass of water filled with ice. I can drink all of the lukewarm water in the country, but it never seems to quench my thirst. If only I had an ice cold glass of clean and clear water.

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