I’ve flown on a lot of planes. I mean a lot. Not only passenger planes, but I’ve also taken about 300 rides in various cargo planes and puddle-jumpers with an aim not to get the free peanuts, but instead to jump out….and skydive.

When I’ve travelled on planes in the more conventional sense though, I’ve always been resigned to the dreaded Economy Class. The Barn. You know…..how the low-lives of the world travel. The cramped seats with mediocre arm rests where inevitably a screaming baby is strategically placed near you, and maybe two if it’s an especially long flight.

Once upon a time they used to call it 2nd class or 3rd class travel. Then they (“they” being the big airline gods in the sky) decided it might be degrading to be labelled in such a manner and started creating euphemistic titles like Economy, Budget, and Basic seats. As if paying up to thousands of dollars to fly is something “basic” for the budget-minded.

And of course, the amenities on such flights have decreased as time goes by too. Years ago in the heyday of airline travel, you would be delightfully served free drinks, given all the peanuts you could choke back, full meals, and more free drinks. You recognized a good flight when you could barely stand up straight when disembarking.

These days you’re lucky to get one non-alcoholic drink without being charged, and forget about the peanuts or meals. Airport food concession stands are now equipped to pack up your order so you can eat it on the plane.

I for one miss airline food. I so enjoyed getting the little plastic tray compartmentalized to resemble a tv dinner. I would eagerly peel the saran wrap off the sometimes frozen bun, try to discern what my mystery salad contained, and peel back the foil covering my main course to discover what weird and wonderful (and sometimes unidentifiable) food it held. And don’t even get me started on the delightful desserts. The tiny salt and pepper, the plastic cutlery and cups, and laminate trays always screamed adventure to me.


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