Before jumping into my Burma coverage, I need to share a disturbing problem I've had on my round-the-world trip: birds love to shit on me. Apparently, I have an invisible target on my head, viewable only to winged creatures. Yes, in caves bats have crapped on me and on others. Sure, in my pre-RTW days a bird has occasionally defecated on a new sweater. But in the last 2 years of gallivanting, there has been an alarmingly sharp exponential rise in craps. To be fair (to me - not to the birds), I'm outside quite a lot more than in my lawyering days. Regardless, I have yet to cross paths with another person who has been crapped on so frequently or so vociferously: The Official Birdcrap Counter is at 9 since April 1, 2008.

What does it all mean? To the mirth of those sitting nearby in internet cafes, I have Googled whether most cultures believe that bird poo is lucky. Per Wikipedia, if one or more birds defecate on you or your property in Russia, it is good luck and might bring you riches. There are a slew of Yahoo! Answers threads directly on topic, with typically asinine responses. And of course, in each country where a bird has crapped on me, the locals are customarily thrilled on my behalf, and have often asked me to go with them to buy a lottery ticket. No, I've never won.

Given the pattern of Birdcrap Counting that has woven itself into my travels, I figured it was high time that I documented the crap for my readers. And so, without further ado: behold the craps that have fallen upon my person in the last 22 months.

Craps 1 & 2: Paracas, Peru:

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